Kim Kardashian Feet, Shoe Size and Shoe Collection

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Kimberly “Kim” Kardashian West is a successful American television and social media personality, actress and fashion model known best for her role “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” a family reality series on E! She is also emerging as one of the most successful wives and mother shown by her rather mature, serious and lovely marriage between her and the rapper Kanye West. The beautiful woman is also known for style and extravagant nature.

Besides the sexy and admirable body shape and measurements, the damsel also has gorgeous feet. As you might be aware, celebrities are known to manipulate their bodies to look perfect and flawless through make ups and even cosmetic surgical procedures. Is it possible that Kim actually had some procedure done on her feet to improve their appearance? In this post we are going to discuss more about Kim Kardashian feet, shoe size and shoe collection.

How would you rate Kim Kardashian’s feet?

One thing we can say for sure is that the reality star has never had any cosmetic surgical procedure done on her legs and feet. The gorgeous actress is known to have long, sexy, proportional and clean legs. The feet are also extremely sexy. Because of her overt sexual nature, it is not difficult to find photos of the screen idol on social media. In these images, you can see for yourself that she does have great feet with nice healthy nails. I guess Kim knows very well that she has killer feet and that is why she has no problem exposing them in barefoot photos.

If you had a chance to vote for her feet, how much rating would you give them? Well, I cannot answer this on your behalf but people who have had that chance before are convinced that Kim has very beautiful feet and have given her 5-star rating on the feet website .

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It is important to note that the Hollywood star does not have to wear any makeups on her feet and nails to appear great. The nails are clean, not discolored and of the right thickness. It appears the damsel takes a lot of time and money to maintain the quality of her feet.

Nevertheless, the nice feet could not withstand the effects of pregnancy. The beautiful actress posted photos of her swollen feet when she was pregnant with her first-born child North West, she also experienced the same during the pregnancy for he second child Saint West. The socialite wears shoe size 7 (US) which is the average size for women of her age and size. It is possible she had to wear slightly larger shoes when her feet were swollen.

Kim Kardashian’s Shoe Collection

Some celebrities have shoe collection worth millions of dollars. The question most people are asking is how they wear these shoes. It is possible to see a celebrity with different types of shoes on the same day, most of them do not wear the same shoe one two occasions, once it is worn, it is discarded by donation or other means. Kim loves fashion and everything that goes with it. This means she has no option but to have large collection of shoes in her closet. Unfortunately there is no easy way of knowing just how much her shoe collection costs.

The list of shoes you will find in Kim’s collection cannot be exhausted in this simple post. However, she has been seen in many occasions with over the knee boots, gladiator heels, strappy sandals, flat sandals, ankle boots, lace up boots, evening pumps, T-strap sandals and mid-cuff boots. In rare cases, the sexy wife, mother and model have been spotted in peep-toe pumps.

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