Kim Kardashian’s Nose Job, Eyebrows And Nails

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The Kim Kardashian you know now appears to be flawless. Everything about her seems to be on the right track including her body shape, weight, build and other measurements. Although it is possible to look your best naturally even with age, very few people are that lucky. The truth of the matter is that celebrities care about how they look and will do anything to remove any flaw on their bodies no matter what it costs them.

The other fact is that they have the necessary resources to do any procedure that can make them look young, healthy and attractive. Kim Kardashian is 35 years of age but you might think she is still in her 20s. Her facial features especially the nose and the eyebrows seem to be unnatural. However, they look too different from what they were before she officially became an American celebrity.

Nose Job: Did she have a Rhinoplasty?

Take your time and retrieve Kim’s earlier photos and compare them with the ones available today. If you are keen, you will realize that the shape of her nose has kinda changed. According to her, she has never had a nose job or rhinoplasty (as it is known medically). Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgical procedure that aims to correct and reconstruct the form, restore functions and aesthetically enhance the nose by resolving imperfections. When done for beauty purposes, the procedure is commonly referred to as a nose job.

According to the reality star, she has never had a nose job but she only uses some nifty makeup techniques to transform her nose. She was however contradicted by those certified and licensed to perform such procedures. One such doctor said that the socialite must have had a nose job because her nose now looks shorter, thinner and more refined than it was before she gained popularity (prior to 2007). According to plastic surgeons, such major changes could not happen except with a procedure like rhinoplasty.

Kim Kardashian’s Eyebrows

As any woman knows, the shape, thickness and color are extremely important. Misshapen eyebrows can throw off the balance in the face interfering with the overall look of the face and make one look ugly. Many women have natural but flawless eyebrows requiring just little manipulation with makeups. However, some depend on much more work involving plastic surgical procedure.

Kim confessed that she has gotten Botox before and satisfied the curiosity of her critics and fans by showing herself getting injections on her reality show. While some doctors agree with her, many more believe that she had more than just Botox brow lift. The evidence was convincing but anything is possible with the kind of technology we have today.

Her supporters believe the Keep Up with the Kardashians star just had Botox injected in a pattern to raise and arch the eyebrows giving them an appearance like they were surgically lifted. Critics on the other hand believe that the raising and arching of the eyebrows was more than what Botox can achieve and that only Plastic surgery could deliver such results. Check Kim’s before and after photos and decide for yourself is indeed used Botox or it was an outright plastic surgical procedure.

Kim Kardashian’s Nails:

It is impossible to deny that Kim has some of the most beautiful finger and toenails in the world. Are they natural or they are artificially extended? It is not easy to know but from what we can gather she takes very good care of her nails making them extremely beautiful, strong and healthy. She loves glamour and you will always see her polished form head-to-toe including nails.

She is different from other celebrities in that she does not wear loud/shouting nail colors and does not like to ever-changing nail designs. All she does is match the nail color with the outfit she is wearing. In some occasions, she uses acrylic nails extensions but does not overdo it like you may see in other celebrities. Kim even knew that she had to keep her nail bare (not short) while she was pregnant because physiological changes in pregnancy cannot allow the nails to grow normally.

Inasmuch as Kim Kardashian has possibly had her nose done and her eyebrows surgically lifted, she looks extremely beautiful. These have also made her look younger. Unlike most other American celebrities of her caliber, the socialite has not overdone it. She keeps her appearance as close to natural as possible. She has some of the best nails and she really knows how to care for them. Maybe you should steal her style.

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