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When it comes to some chefs doing their thing in a great way, Koren Grieveson will appear on your long list that is if she doesn’t make the shortlist.

A winner of the James Beard Best Chef Award, Koren has come a long way into becoming one of the best in the kitchen, from a time when many were still asleep.

The thing though, is that she may not be one of the most popular out there.


Koren Grieveson Wiki, Bio

Getting to know the woman better than just as a chef, Koren Grieveson is a South African even though most people have mistaken her for Angolan. It was there that she was born and raised as she revealed at .

Born in the 1970s, there is very little that is known about her entire family. However, we get to know that she grew up with a father who was in the poultry business.

Because of that, Grieveson was always on the move from one country to the other. Countries she visited include Iran, Brazil, and England, before the family including her mother and sister finally settled in the United States. Their first destination in the States was Glastonbury, Connecticut.

In 2011, she teamed up with artist Tim Anderson, to produce art and food, and she revealed that he influenced her cooking with his arts that was “precise and not precise” and she tried to capture a lot of things from him.

You know that most of the stars that we see actually started or had their dreams when they were little kids. Surprisingly, at the age of 17, Koren first served in the military for between 8 and 9 years “really wanted to drive those Jeeps.”

Not so good for her, after she joined with the sole aim of driving jeeps, the cars were substituted but she still remained in the army for the next years.

After calling it quits, she went on to fetch “diet Yoohoos for rock stars” including Rollingstone before she finally decided to go and try out as a chef after her father cautioned that she needed a job.

She was able to apply to the culinary school where she got in and that was how she made it through.

As part of the things she did, Koren worked as a sous chef of ‘Kahan’s Blackbird’ from 1998 to 2003. After she left, she made it as the floor manager of the Avec until 2012.

In 2015, she was made the executive chef at NYC’s Resto. She held the post for the next 6 months before she left. Before taking charge at Resto, Koren Grieveson ran the kitchen at Claudette.

Koren Grieveson Married, Partner

Already, it is obvious that a lot of things about this woman are well hidden, her relationship is also that way. Or maybe some aspect of it.

A lesbian, Grieveson has been in a relationship with famous American restaurateur, Chef Anne Burrell. They made their engagement public on twitter as far back as 2013 New Year’s Day. What still remains unknown if they are now married, although that too is unlikely.

Nevertheless, Koren Grieveson and her partner who is best known for ‘Worst Cooks in America’ and ‘Secrets of a Restaurant Chef’ now live together in New York City.


Apart from this relationship, it remains unknown if Koren was in any relationship before this.

Koren Grieveson Net Worth

Doing her thing away from the prying eyes of the media, Grieveson has been able to pull in a lot in wealth. Some unconfirmed sources have placed her net worth at $5 million. This may be highly unlikely.

Koren Grieveson Facts

  • Even though most people believe she is an Angolan, she is actually a South African.
  • She had moved with her family from South Africa to Iran, Brazil, and England before settling in the United States.
  • Something most people don’t know is that she is a South African and she has a tattoo of her family crest and South African heritage.
  • Her other tattoo of bacon and butter reflects the chef that she is.
  • She served in the military for 8 years.
  • Her height is 5 feet and 7 inches.
  • She has tattoos on both her hands.

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