Lakiha Spicer (Kiki Tyson) – Biography and Profile of Mike Tyson’s Wife

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Lakiha Spicer otherwise known as Kiki Tyson is an American socialite famously known as the third wife of the former World Heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson. Lakiha has lived a rather controversial life and has been involved in a few loggerheads with the law; nevertheless, she has been credited by her husband for being his saving grace in his moment of despair. Interestingly, the couple jointly wrote ’s directed film, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth. The film which was released in 2013 revolves around the life of the former heavyweight boxer. There is more to about Tyson’s wife and you will learn more about her biography and other interesting facts below.

Lakiha Spicer (Kiki Tyson) – Biography and Profile

This gorgeous celebrity was born as Lakiha Spicer in 1977 and her birth took place in Philadelphia City of the United States. However, the exact date which she was born is not yet public knowledge. It is already known that she is the daughter of Shamsud-din Ali and his wife Faridah Ali. Her father was a former murder convict and the leader of the Philadelphia Masjid while there is no much info about her mother. She grew up along with her older brother Azheem Spicer who is three years her senior. Spicer is an American national and also belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Regarding her education, the wife of the former boxing champion has never disclosed any details that pertain to her educational history. However, there is no doubt she must have acquired a quality education. While the details of the institutions she attended are still missing, her field of endeavor is also not known. She gained public recognition following her off-and-on relationship with the boxing legend, Mike Tyson.

Relationship with Mike Tyson

Lakiha Spicer has been in the limelight for a long time, courtesy of her relationship with . The pair began their relationship many years ago and has been together for over a decade and counting as man and wife. Tyson is well known for his unbeatable boxing records; he made history as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title when he was 20 years old.

Throughout his professional career, the boxer completed 58 professional bouts out of which he won 50, losing 6 with two no contests. In his prime, Tyson was able to set different records, some of which still stands today. Interestingly, he distinguished himself with his exceptional fighting style. Little wonder he graced the lists of , Greatest Hitters, and Greatest Punchers of All-time put forth by various boxing websites. Following his unparalleled impact in the sport, Tyson has since been enrolled in the World Boxing Hall of Fame as well as International Boxing Hall of Fame respectively.

Although the pair has become a formidable couple, their relationship reportedly had a rocky start. As the story goes, Lakiha Spicer first met the boxer when she was 18 years old through her father, who is good friends with Tyson’s promoter, . She developed an instant affection for the boxer despite the fact that he was accused of rape and was further sent to jail for 3 years. Her father had objected to their relationship but this, however, didn’t affect Lakiya’s affection for the boxer.

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This continued until she turned 23, at that time, the duo had already become casual friends. Subsequently, they decided to hit things off, thus starting a romantic relationship. At the early stages of their relationship, Tyson didn’t have much time for Lakiha Spicer as he was always in the company of several women, owing to the fact that he is a superstar.

However, their relationship had a twist in 2008 when Spicer discovered she was pregnant with Tyson’s child. The news brought her to the public eye as she was sentenced to serve six months in federal prison as a result of a conspiracy and financial fraud. After she got out, Lakiha gave birth to a baby girl known as Milan in December 2008. She went on to inform Tyson, who at that time, was into drugs. Soon they started living together and Spicer’s affection helped Tyson to battle his drug problems, hence turning a new leaf. The couple finally walked down the aisle in June 2009 and their wedding was held at La Bella Wedding Chapel inside the Las Vegas Hilton.

While the union was the first for Lakiha Spicer, it is imperative to note that it was the third for Tyson who was twice married before. His first marriage was with Robin Givens; the pair got hitched in 1988 and officially went their separate ways a year later. His second stint with marriage was with Monica Turner whom he married in 1997 and after six years, they went their separate ways in 2003. His marriage with Lakiha Spicer has been his longest marriage ever. The couple also welcomed another child, a son named Morocco Elijah Tyson in January 2011.

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