Lee Harvey Oswald Bio, Wife, Children, Who Killed Him and Why?

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There are many ways to become famous. You could become a movie star, an accomplished musician, invent something or shoot the President of the United States. Lee Harvey Oswald went for the latter. America is a country with a rich history and a lot of famous men exists in her history book but very few of them are there because they murdered the President. However, Lee Harvey made it onto the very short list by shooting a US president with a sniper rifle from the sixth floor of a storage facility.

His story and his final major action in life is one that has spurred various conspiracy theories and one that according to recent studies, will last for a long time yet because the people simply do not believe the official story from the Warren Commission, a commission established to investigate the murder of John F. Kennedy.

Who is Lee Harvey Oswald? Bio

If someone said Lee Oswald would one day murder the President of America, it was most likely said as a joke based on the personality of Lee Harvey when he was a child. As a child growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana, Oswald was a considered a recluse with anger issues as a child. A particularly interesting case was in 1952 when his mother moved him to New York City. Oswald was said to have pulled a knife on his mother after hitting her during an argument; he was 12 at the time.

Oswald’s parents were Robert Lee Oswald and Marguerite Frances Claverie. There are those who think Oswald’s anger and behavioral problems were side effects of growing up without his father, who died two months after he was born. If it was, it was a lasting damage as he was diagnosed with ‘personality pattern disturbance with schizoid features and passive-aggressive tendencies’.

Despite his behavioral problems, Oswald was never a stupid child. Although he had trouble spelling, he was a vivacious book reader. He identified himself as a Marxist after burning through several socialist pieces of literature.

He never completed high school but by the time he joined the Marines at the age of 17, he had attended 12 schools and lived in 22 different places. Some historians and psychologists are of the opinion that the instability in his life may also have been a contributory factor to the kind of person he was.

One would have expected that a man with his psychological profile would not be allowed to join a military unit, but it was a time of war and high tension among countries all over the world with America at the forefront of it and so, Oswald was enlisted on October 24, 1956, to the Marine Corps at the age of 17.

His time in the Marines started out in an impressive fashion, as he finished in the top percentile of his class and getting security clearance for high-level military operations. He was even considered a top shooter in his first few years as a Marine. His time without troubles, however, didn’t last long and after series of offenses that included shooting himself in the elbow, he was court-martialed. Oswald never forgot the socialist teachings of his early reading days and after earning enough in the Marine, applied for a hardship discharge in order to later defect to the Soviet Union.

With some effort, which included cutting his own wrist to convince his tour guide that he was serious, Oswald was eventually made a Soviet Union citizen. He lived in Minsk and met his wife, Marina Prusakova in March 1961. Shortly after, he returned back to the United States with his wife and two children.


Before he killed John F. Kennedy, Oswald had made an attempt on Edwin Walker, an anti-communist retired US Major General. Just a few months after his attempt on Edwin Walker, Oswald prepared for his swan song. On the 22nd of November, 1963, he shot and killed John F. Kennedy. It was the culmination of everything that had happened in Lee Harvey Oswald’s life.

Wife, Children

Even psychopaths go through the motions of human life. Lee Harvey Oswald married Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova in 1961 when she was 19, after six short weeks of meeting each other. She was a pharmacist and she moved with Lee Harvey back to the United States. She had two daughters – June Lee Oswald and Audrey Marina Rachael Oswald – with Lee Harvey.

Who Killed Lee Harvey Oswald and Why?

After assassinating John Kennedy and Lee was confirmed as the prime suspect. He was shot while being led out to a car that was supposed to take him to a county jail. He was shot in the abdomen by Jack Ruby, a local nightclub operator. Jack’s motive for shooting Lee instead of letting him have his day in court is one of the countless conspiracy theories about the events of November 1963 but the man, Jack himself insisted that he simply wanted to save Kennedy’s widow the trouble of going through the process of a court trial.

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