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The South Korean-born singer, actress, activist, record producer and television presenter Lee Hyori has been dubbed as the Nations Fairy during her Family Outing days. Her first appearance was as a member of Fin.K.L which is a South Korean girl group and since then, she has gone solo with her first album titled Stylish which has won several prestigious awards.

Lee Hyori is seen as one of the famous female singers in South Korea who receive the fattest pay. The renowned artist is best known for tracks like Going Crazy, Hey Girl, Amor Mio, Hey Mr. Big, Shall We Dance, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and a host of others.

Biography, Age

The famous artist was born in Cheongwon, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea on the 10th of May 1979. She was born as the youngest daughter of Jeon Ji-sun and Lee Jung-gwang who have three other children namely Lee Aeri, Lee Yuri and Lee Gook-jin. The singer is a South Korean by nationality. She aspired to end up as a police officer during her formative years but later, her attention shifted to the entertainment industry.

She had her education at Kookmin University, in Seoul, South Korea and also Kyung Hee University, where she majored in the Social Sciences and Media Studies. As a budding star, she was discovered in a photo shooting section with her friends and subsequently, she had her training at Daesung Entertainment. Since then, she has been making waves in the entertainment industry through her capacity as a multitalented artist in several fields like acting, singing, record production, television presentation and also through her activism in other fields like politics and animal activism.


Lee Hyori is no longer single, she has been married to the guitarist of the rock band “Roller Coaster, Lee Sang-soon since the first day of September 2013. Their wedding took place on Mt. Halla in Jeju Island where they have their vacation home. The couple became an item after their collaboration in July 2011 on a song by Lee in support of animal shelter. Both are known as one of the entertainment industry’s most popular couples and belong to an animal rights group.

It was revealed by a reporter that the couple nearly didn’t get married because they didn’t like each other at first sight which was a blind date. They nearly went their separate ways since they were the direct opposite of each other. According to Lee, she doubted if this man could handle her and Lee Sang Soon on his own part didn’t like Lee and they only started dating two years after their initial meeting.

Net Worth

Lee Hyori is rated as one of the female singers who is earning the highest pay in South Korea today. The talented singer’s net worth is pegged at $18 million by a reliable source. She earns her fortune through the use of her multiple talents in the entertainment industry.

Other Facts About Lee Hyori

  • Activism

The multitalented artist’s activism has earned her a recognition as one of the leading socialtainers in South Korea. She is well known for her charity work and active support for social causes. Lee Hyori is into pescetarian diet and diets in line with her health beliefs and personal ethics.

Lee supported the workers of SsangYong Motor when their company laid them off in December 2014. The artist gave her full support through Twitter where she made it known that she wished that the new car company Tivoli will be successful so that the retrenched workers can be hired again. In conclusion, the singer pledged to dance in front of the car in her bikini when that eventually happens.

The famed artist is also interested in politicking, through her Twitter handle, she actively encouraged fans to go out and vote during the 2012 presidential elections, and this drew both positive and negative responses from the public. The singer was listed as one of South Korea’s best socialtainers in the poll conducted by Panelnow in 2012. The popular activist was listed along with others which include; actress Kim Yeo-jin, male broadcaster Kim Je-dong and male singer Kim Jang-hoon.

  • Animal Advocacy

The singer is also a lover of animals and actively advocates for animal rights and welfare. A book titled Closer which is an x-ray of the singer’s everyday life with her dog Soonshim was published by Lee in 2012, she had previously adopted Soonshim from an animal shelter. The book Closer is focused on the singer’s thoughts on animal shelter, animal rights and of course, her sentiments towards putting on animal furs was equally discussed in the book. The animal lover is known to have made donations to animal shelters in the past as well as take in abused animals and stray ones. The singer’s participation in animal activism led to the interview she had with Jane Goodall.

  • Awards

The South Korean Star has many prestigious awards to her credit which include; seven Seoul Music Awards which she won through her first solo album Stylish with the lead single, 10 Minutes. Four out of the seven awards are highly prestigious. From her third album, the veteran singer’s single titled U Go Girl made it to the first position in the online and offline lists. Her lead single Chitty Bang Bang won her the Mutizen song award.

The talented singer’s fifth studio album Monochrome has sixteen songs out of which eight topped the Top Ten List of Bugs, Olley and Naver Music. The singer cum music producer has the Golden Disk, Seoul and KBS Music Awards to her credit and also bagged the SBS, Golden Disk. Lee Hyori won the Best Artist of the Year from KMTV Music Award and in 2003, 2008, and 2013, she had the honour of winning the Mnet Asian Music Award for several categories. The Korean singer has other awards to her credit which include Voice awards, Hot Body awards and Hot Multitainer awards.

  • Height

The famous artist is not very tall, but lack of height did not deter her from achieving greatness in life, she stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches or 1.67 m. Information regarding her other body statistics is not currently available.

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