Lena The Plug – Revealing Truths About Lena Nersesian The YouTube Star

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Lena the Plug is a YouTube sensation who rose to stardom on the video-sharing platform for leading a highly controversial lifestyle and posting racy videos about herself for her fans. She has a history of thrusting out every aspect of her personal life just for fame and publicity. Even though Lena is very blunt and highly controversial, she has proved on several occasions to be an interesting person and one of the most fascinating lifestyle vloggers on YouTube. Lena the Plug has never slowed down her career’s pace ever since she stormed the web community. She is always active on YouTube and has posted a good number of videos chronicling her everyday life and other captivating aspects of life.

A Look at Lena The Plug’s Background

The YouTuber was born to American parents of Armenian ancestry. Although she is famous as Lena the Plug, it was as Lena Nersesian that she was born on July 1, 1991, in Glendale, California, in the United States. Her parents are Christians, which is the reason she was raised in a conservative Christian home. She appears to be an only child as she has never talked about her siblings. However, she has featured her mother in some of her videos.

Lena the Plug completed her high school education in the year 2009 and later gained admission to study Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She was an exchange student at Lund University, Sweden for one year, after which she got certified by the University of Carolina at the end of her studies in 2013. She is said to have graduated with a 3.69 GPA.

Due to her good result, Lena was offered admission by the University of Southern California for a post-graduate program, but she declined to further her studies at the institution due to the amount of money involved.

What is She Known For?

Lena is not just like most YouTubers out there; she is different, a fact that she replicates in her choice of vlogs. Lena is popularly known among the internet community for her explicit posts, sex talks, and love for taboo topics. Also, she gives talks on relationships, fitness, and lifestyle in general.

Lena the Plug began her career with a few followers on her side but currently, she has over one million subscribers on her channel. These people love her page because it features interesting adult topics and other fascinating documentaries about Lena’s everyday life, relationship with her boyfriend, connection with other notable personalities, adventures, and lots more. Even though Nersesian is considered a grade B YouTuber, she seems to have attained a certain level of success than many of her contemporaries.

Her Controversial Sex Tape Deal

Lena the Plug is known for her raunchy vlogs, yes! and it all began after the sexy YouTuber promised to release a sex tape with her boyfriend if her YouTube channel and that of her beau get one million subscribers each. She made this promise in a video she recorded on 17th January 2017. At the time when she made the announcement, she had only about 37,000 subscribers, while her boyfriend also had sizeable subscribers on his channel.

A few months after her video went viral, Lena the Plug and her boyfriend began to record exponential growth in the number of subscribers on their channels. It was so massive that they became immensely popular on YouTube in no distant time. Lena currently has about 1.5 million subscribers on her channel, but she is yet to fulfill her promise.

After she was severally called out by her fans for failing to keep her end of the bargain, the YouTuber insisted that she has had a change of heart because her sex tapes with her boyfriend have already been leaked in the past and that anyone who hasn’t come across any of them has little internet skills. She also advised people who subscribed to her channel because of the sex tape to unsubscribe immediately. However, Lena the Plug’s YouTube channel has continued to witness a lot of traffic since then, even though the aftermath of this ‘betrayal’ is yet to be seen.

Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Although Lena the Plug is yet to make it down the aisle, she is currently in an awkward relationship with a YouTube star known as Adam22. The controversial online influencer and her boyfriend began dating in September 2016; they are in an open relationship and have, on several occasions, filmed and leaked videos of themselves engaging in threesomes. Taylor White is one of those who have engaged in a threesome with the couple. More so, Lena once admitted to allowing her girlfriend Emily Rinaudo to sleep with her boyfriend.

The real name of Lena’s boyfriend is Adam John Grandmaison. He was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, on November 24, 1983, to American parents. He is equally a record executive and podcaster famed for being the host and creator of one of the fastest-growing hip hop-oriented podcast in the country, No Jumper. Adam is also the creator of the BMX website, “The Come Up.” He is a proud owner of a Los Angeles-based BMX clothing line and a BMX biking team known as OnSomeShit.

Adam and his girlfriend are very comfortable with the nature of their relationship. They recently bought a new house and have been to so many cities together, including Japan. For now, it’s not clear if they have the intention of settling down as husband and wife in the nearest future.

How Much Has She Made From Her Career?

Lena the Plug may be relatively new on YouTube, but her earnings on the platform are quite enormous. According to sources, she makes huge wealth estimated to be between $13.9 thousand and $221.7 thousand per annum from her career. Her videos and other online activities are her main sources of income. Lena reportedly charges people who are interested in pictures of her nakedness or VIP premium videos of her engaging in any form of sexual activity $29.99.

Currently, her net worth is under review but some online sources estimated it to be $500,000. Lena’s net worth is bound to increase in the future as her online fame continues to grow. We look forward to her working with top brands in the country, and perhaps, become the reality star she has always wanted to be.

5 Lesser-known Facts About The YouTuber

1. She Did Some Odd Jobs Before Fame

Before Lena the Plug found great success in the web community, she worked as an Uber driver, and an attendant in a grocery store. During her days in Sweden as an exchange student, she worked as a nanny and personal assistant to put food on her table. Lena got exposed to the vast opportunities social media offers when she started working at a media start-up company. It was after she resigned from the company that she began her online career and eventually became popular.

2. Her Parents Do Not Support Her Career Path

Lena has, no doubt, seen great success in her career, but her parents are not happy with the career path she has chosen. In a video she uploaded some time ago, she admitted that her parents want her to quit her job as a YouTuber and go for a formal job with her Psychology degree.

3. Lena The Plug Had Relationship With Women In The Past

The internet personality was a lesbian during her college years. She is said to have dated a girl while she was a college student. However, she has not revealed the identity of the girl, and why they stopped seeing each other.

4. Her Accounts Have Been Banned Severally

Lena’s disregard for societal norms and straightforward attitude have not only earned her thousands of followers but also a lot of opposition and criticism. She is known to have battled on several occasions to keep her social media accounts alive after they were reported and flagged several times for racy vlogs.

5. The Origin of Her Nickname

The YouTuber earned her nickname ‘Lena The Plug’ from her co-workers at the social media startup company she worked for. According to sources, they began calling her the name after she smartly completed a tough job given to her by her boss. In addition to vlogging, Lena also loves writing poems and reading.

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