Life and Crimes of Alyssa Bustamante, The 15-Year-Old Who Murdered Her 9-Year-Old Neighbor

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Most people, not only teenagers, have two personalities; the online and the real-life personality. So also was Alyssa Bustamante. In real life, she was a normal teenager but online, she had a dark side which would come to be referred to as her real self. In 2009, she was arrested for the killing of her neighbor who was only 9 years old, and she would subsequently be convicted for the crime. Here is the tale of the teenage girl who shocked the world.

The Life of Alyssa Bustamante

24th of January 1994 was when Alyssa Bustamante was born in Cole Missouri, the United States. She was brought up by parents who had her when they were still teenagers. Both of her parents, Michelle Bustamante and Caesar Bustamante were drug addicts.

She was mostly brought up by her grandparents as while her mother had issues with the law for drug-related offenses and theft, her father’s path also crossed with the law for assault and both parents spent time behind bars. At the time she was born, her father was still spending time. She later had two younger siblings.

Before she started having all the problems that gave her grandparents so much to be worried about, she did all the usual activities including going to church, writing poems, and being involved in other activities.

However, she would soon start having issues with her behavior which was sometimes described as psychotic. She was also violent and often depressed that at a point, she was taken to see a psychologist and she was put on anti-depressants. Before then, she attempted to kill herself.

At first, the medication she got worked but by the time she was a teenager, things had changed for the worse and she was even more psychopathic and seemed to derive pleasure in self-harm, leaving various marks on herself.

Her personality online was something much darker and fearful. She shared gothic-themed images and made posts about killing people, and other things of the sort. One of the videos that raised so many questions about her on YouTube where she was active was one in which she tried to get her two younger brothers into touching an electric fence. Although she had various other disturbing materials including a post on Facebook on how she wanted to know what death felt like, the video was the most disturbing.


Crimes of The 15-Year-Old Who Murdered Her 9-Year-Old Neighbor

By the time Alyssa Bustamante was 15, her fascination with death and killing people had already gone too far and her close friends were no longer sure of her sanity. At the time she was still being treated of clinical depression but that did less than nothing to fix her issues.

One day, she took out the time to dig out two graves near her house. The speculation would later be that the graves were dug because she wanted to kill her two brothers. However, it was Elizabeth Olten, a girl of 9 who was her neighbor that would end up as the victim.

October 21, 2009, Alyssa Bustamante lured the little and unsuspecting Olten into the woods, deceiving her that she had a gift for her. Taking her near the dug graves, she beat her up, strangled her, and then slit her throat. When she was done killing the little girl, Alyssa buried her in one of the graves and covered her body in mud.

When she was done, the 15-year-old went back home and documented her experience in her diary. She wrote how thrilling the experience was for her. She revealed that although at first, she was anxious, she had an amazing experience going through with the murder. After that, she washed and attended a party in a local church with her parents.

Because Alyssa committed the crime like an expert, it was not easy for police to locate the nine-year-old after her parents reported her missing. She became one of the main suspects in the crime because of her past psychotic behavior. Before long after the police started investigating her, they got hold of her diary and thanks to the things she had written, she was made to confess to the crime.

For a girl of 15, she was still a minor but because of the seriousness of the crime, she was treated like an adult. Her trial was later delayed until 2012 when she was an adult officially. When everything was over, she was handed a life sentence to be eligible for probation after spending 35 years behind bars.

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