Lil Barnacle Biography – Everything You Need To Know

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Lil Barnacle is a young rapper, musician, and songwriter. He became popular at a very tender age when he released a single (Mosh Pit) on SoundCloud. Most of his songs are fraught with crude humor but he has his fan base especially in teenagers.

Irrespective of the fact that many don’t fancy his kind of music, the future may hold great tidings for Lil. As we keep up with his career, the following are the facts worth knowing about his life.

Lil Barnacle Biography

Lil Barnacle was born in Park Ridge, a city in Illinois on the 4th of August 2003. Besides his date of birth, details about his family and how he grew up has not been made public. There’s hardly any information about the rappers real name or personal life anywhere in the media.

Technology in the 21st century is a veritable tool especially for any individual that intends to make the most of their situation. This is the case with Lil Barnacle. With his love for rap music and his dream of being a rapper, he didn’t have the privilege of sealing a record deal. However, he was still able to reach millions of people when he released his song on SoundCloud. The song became an instant hit with millions of downloads.

His first album “Barnacle Classics” was released in 2018 featuring songs like “Hentai”, “Porn”, “I Beat My Dick”, “MoshPit”, “I Eat Ass”, “Ascended”, “Holy Trinity”, and “Succ”. His 2019 singles on the album PP EP includes “Crack Is Wack”, “Fuck Tom Brady” where he featured Wasabi and “Pit” amongst others.

Things You Need To Know About Lil Barnacle

1. Lil Barnacle’s style of music

The young rapper has a unique style of music. He uses the instrumentals of Television show () soundtrack in most of his songs. While his genre can be described as Hip-Hop/Rap, his lyrics are on the other hand very unique. Most rappers use their song to express their innermost feelings so it is safe to assume that like every teenage boy, Lil Barnacle’s mind is occupied with thoughts of sex which he raps about. His songs have been described as NSFW; Not safe for work. His language has been described as vulgar and he has received lots of criticism and also praise from his fans for his songs.

2. Social media presence

Lil Barnacle is quite popular on social media. Especially on SoundCloud where he releases his songs. He has about 50,000 followers on the platform and his two most successful singles “Mosh Pit” and “Porn” have earned over 4.3 million listens. Barnacle is also active on Instagram with about 57.6k followers, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube where he constantly shares videos.

3. Dealing with negative comments

Lil Barnacle has a unique way of dealing with naysayers. As much as he has dedicated followers, there are people who think his music is ‘crap’ and don’t hesitate to call him out even on his personal social media pages. He ignores most of them and when he does respond it’s with humor encouraging them to actually download and listen to his music.


In his very popular song titled “porn”, he refers to himself as the “GOAT”. He has used the nomenclature to refer to himself in some of his social media pages also. It’s certain that what he means here is that he is the ‘greatest of all time’.

5. His family

Despite gaining his popularity via social media, he seems to have successfully kept information about his family off his personal pages and media radar.

6. The reaction of parents to his lyrics

There are a series of YouTube videos of teenagers capturing their parents (mothers) reaction while listening to Lil Barnacle’s songs. Their reactions, especially to the lyrics, aren’t good. Most parents understandably do not approve of his lyrics.

7. Friends in the industry

Barnacle has some friends in the industry with whom he has constantly collaborated. They have all released their songs on SoundCloud at one point and have had millions of listens. They include Lil’ Boom, D’Bangz, Yung Gravy, SauceDad69, Lil Crunch, and Joey Trap.

8. Love for animation

Lil Barnacle has a thing for animation. He loves them and uses them for his videos and even avatars of himself as the album cover. It’s uncertain if it’s another ploy for him to hide his real face or he has a genuine liking for them.

In all, Lil Barnacle is a fast-rising rapper who has been able to gather lots of attention by releasing songs on SoundCloud. As he is still quite young, it is uncertain if he will continue with this style of music or evolve as an artist.

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