List Of Tom Hardy Movies Ranked From Best To Worst

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Edward Thomas Hardy, popularly known by his screen name Tom Hardy, is an English actor whose movies have adequately reflected his grace and style. His versatility has seen him perform on both stage and screen. Since his first appearance on the TV miniseries, Band of Brothers in 2001, he has been on a swift sail to popularity and fame in the movie industry.

As it is with every entertainer, there are stellar performances, good showings, and not so great deliveries. Tom Hardy has had a taste of all throughout his acting career. He has taken outstanding roles that made every girl wish he was their man. He has also been in movies that make you wonder how he managed to get the role.

Tom Hardy has starred alongside movie stars such as Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Gandolfini (Late), Gary Oldman, and many more. He has featured in over 50 movies. His career is undoubtedly a successful one. Here are some of his top movies.

List Of Tom Hardy Movies Ranked From Best To Worst

1. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

This is no doubt one of Tom Hardy’s best performances ever. Selected to play a lead role in this post-apocalyptic movie, Tom brought in his physicality and dexterity to this one. It was a challenging role previously done by decades before he took over. However, Tom rose to the challenge and delivered what will go down as a stellar performance.

The movie in itself has breath-taking cinematography. The selection of location blended with the plot of the movie. The movie is crazy fast-paced, as would be expected from a movie in that genre.

Tom Hardy’s role found full expression in the midst of the growing characters around him. Characters such as ’s Furiosa and Nicholas Hoult’s Nux developed well as the movie progressed. Tom Hardy didn’t have to talk much but commanded his role with finesse. He was a masked character for most parts of the movie.

2. Dunkirk (2017)

Just like Mad Max: Fury Road, Tom Hardy was a masked character. This time, it was the RAF Spitfire bomber pilot oxygen mask. Portrayed in the World War II era, Tom was a courageous pilot taking fire and battling for survival throughout the movie.

The will to survive and the attempts to rescue the beach of Dunkirk was the central focus of the allied forces in this movie. This made their roles relatable and connected to the challenges most soldiers face in war times. They didn’t speak much to each other. But Tom made use of every opportunity he had to create a connection. This in no small way stood him out alongside fellow pilot, .

This movie depicts a calculated and tactical survival approach in the face of war. This was aptly projected by Tom Hardy and the other actors in the movie.

3. Locke (2013)

Talk about a movie that brings just one cast to screen and still gets everyone gripped for 85 minutes, then you have Locke. At the center of this masterpiece is Tom Hardy. In this very engaging production, Tom was driving throughout the movie. The other cast in the movie was only communicating with Tom on the phone.

It’s amazing to see these kinds of movies come out so well and properly done. This was obviously a very challenging role for Tom Hardy. But at the end of this 85 minutes’ drive, Tom proved why he was the best man for the job.

Tom played the solo role of Ivan Locke – a husband and father whose family past came back to haunt him. He has to show forth his true nature as a family man. With the camera constantly focused on him, Tom had to prove how much he can keep viewers glued with a solo performance.

4. The Drop (2014)

This movie has Tom Hardy play a low-key bartender in Brooklyn. He was depicted as a very unassuming and quiet person who helps local gangs keep their money safe. This movie portrayed the not-so-mysterious Hardy, who minds his business. Except for when he had to do business with the gangs, he was very much a loner.

Lining up with other great actors like the late and , Tom brought in a totally different kind of flair to this movie. Just when you think the movie will just go like a regular one, it comes with a twist that turns the whole plot on its head.

Just as The Godfather and The Sopranos, this movie is seen as a New York mob film. However, Tom shows us how much of Marlon Brando he exhibited in this movie.

5. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Being a supervillain and a cult leader comes with hefty responsibilities. This is the responsibility Tom Hardy was saddled with as the antagonistic Bane. This role was challenging as he was in a mask all through and viewers could barely understand most of the things he said. However, he tried to show that actions speak very much louder than words.

The movie may not have lived up to expectations in certain areas, but it tried to get as ambitious as The Dark Knight in a number of ways. For one, it had a good narrative that endears viewers to the whole concept of the movie. The action was intense and the cast performances were state of the art.

The Dark Knight Rises also excelled in the cinematic areas. This and a number of other triumphs covered up for the poor editing and non-relatable ending. Thus, it is still a worthy mention in any list of Tom Hardy Movies.

6. Inception (2010)

In one of his many support roles, Tom Hardy teams up with and others in a breathtaking sci-fi thriller. Casting as Eames, the smooth operator, he had quite a couple tricks up his sleeves. Both as a master forger and a trickster, he brings his prowess to help his team break into a businessman’s subconscious.

The movie adds to the collection of mind control movies that has pervaded the screen in the last few decades. People with superhuman powers that can create dreams and imaginations in the minds of their victims. Only that this time, it’s for a somewhat good cause. The whole frenzy was to help Leonardo DiCaprio, performing as Cobb, to get back his family.

This is one of the greatest movies ever done by .

7. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

This is another of Tom Hardy movies where he played a supporting role. This movie features great casts such as , John Hurt, Toby Jones, , , Ciarán Hinds, and of course, Tom Hardy. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is about the infiltration of the British secret service by an unknown Soviet double agent. It takes viewers on a journey to identify this secret agent.

However, this journey is not without some distractions. This makes it difficult for the viewer to keep focus. There where so many things that may not have been included in the espionage centered movie. But it tried to get things together towards the final third of the movie.

Regardless, Tom Hardy and the other characters did their best to add some life and fervor to the whole storyline. This was no doubt the reason behind bombarding the movie with a lot of top-notch British actors.

8. Warrior (2011)

This is by far one of the brothers’ rival stories that will sell for ages. In this movie, Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton feature as two brothers, Tommy, and Brendan Conlon. The brothers are both MMA fighters with a lot to prove – both in their careers and as individuals. The two brothers coming from different unfortunate life circumstances try to find salvation and redemption in the ring.

There have been so many fight movies and more are yet to be reeled out. Warrior, though not in the top categories, brings a unique twist in its storyline. The conflict and the brothers’ rivalry are real. This rivalry continues both within and outside the ring for the brothers. Tom and Joel really dug it in on this one.

9. Layer Cake (2004)

This movie makes the list of Tom Hardy movies where Tom played somewhat insignificant roles. By that, it means his character in Layer Cake was not captured in the plot. This is one of the movies he featured in during the first three years of his acting career.

As insignificant as it may seem, Tom was privileged to star alongside the James Bond: Skyfall legend, . Daniel plays the role of a criminal mastermind XXXX, who deals on cocaine. His efforts to quit the trade saw him go headlong with the criminal underworld. He was made to face the consequences of his actions.

Though Hardy played quite an insignificant role in the movie, it was good exposure for him to be part of a great movie like Layer Cake.


10. The Revenant (2015)

This movie was supposed to be about Tom Hardy. But, the pressure of an Oscar for Leonardo DiCaprio stole the aftermath fun of this movie. Tom was exceptional in his display but was kept out of laurels for his involvement.

Starring as a self-serving wild animal, Tom played the role of John Fitzgerald who left his fellow trapper, Hugh Glass () for dead. Glass had been mauled by a bear. Tom tries to fix his mess in an unrepentant manner that is typical of a self-loathing sociopath.

He brought his character home so much so that he was the beloved of the viewers. It’s a shame his performance didn’t gain him significant recognition.

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