Ll Stylish Biography – 5 Interesting Facts About The YouTube Star

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LL Stylish is a respected Twitch broadcaster and YouTube star famed for his high-level gaming performance and contents. Besides being a challenger player, he is also a content creator whose works mainly revolve around League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena game.

Stylish literally entertains his fans with his gaming skills whenever he is online. They love watching him play his games on Twitch and also creates interesting videos on YouTube. As an experienced player in the gaming world, this talented star knows exactly when and how to connect to his followers to achieve his target.

LL Stylish’s Biography

Ll Stylish’s birth name is Yanni and his place of birth is Algeria. He was born in the African country on the 30th of March 1995 before he relocated to Québec, Canada. The particular year the YouTuber left his home country for Canada has not been made public and it is not known if his family stays in Canada or Algeria. The gamer derives joy in talking about his career other than his background. It is, for this reason, that information about his family history, parents, relatives, and even childhood is still under the veil.

Talking about his siblings, the Twitch broadcaster recently introduced a beautiful lady as his elder sister to the world on YouTube. He didn’t mention her name but he has featured in her in his videos, including MakeUp Stream Highlight With My Sister. It’s unclear if the young lady is his only sibling or if his parents gave birth to other children.

Right now, there is no online record detailing LL Stylish’s academic journey and educational attainments. Nevertheless, it is assumed that he completed his basic educational levels.

5 Interesting Facts About The YouTube Star

1. Career/Rise To Stardom

Together with respected twitchers like Yassuo and TF Blade, this talented twitch star holds the record as one of the celebrated members of Twitch League of Legends streamers. LL Stylish joined Twitch on July 6, 2016, and subsequently earned his career breakthrough as a result of his impressive gameplays that were uploaded on his YouTube channel almost every day.

Actually, it was not only his stream highlights that gave rise to his quick explosion online, but his fun personality also played influential roles in towering him to greatness. Ever since he started gaining traction, he has connected to a lot of people and his popularity has continued to soar.

When LL Stylish is not busy on Twitch, he’s on YouTube creating and fine-tuning his contents for his fans’ viewing pleasure. He teaches his fans a lot of things, including how tweaks his Zed play. Sometime in 2017, he gave his fans an opportunity to watch him test the new meta items in League of Legends.

2. He Is An Official Streamer With Team Liquid

LL Stylish’s debut YouTube video made its way to the internet in the year 2015. The content was actually a montage of ZED gameplay from League of Legends. This sensation became an official streamer with Team Liquid in 2017 after he was signed by the A-list worldwide professional esports organization – many thanks to his fantastic skills on the League of Legends arena. Stylish has since been able to grow his career, expand his fan base and reach using the platform.

3. LL Stylish Has An Impressive Net Worth

As a professional gamer, LL Stylish has made enough money that can take care of his bills and other needs from his online career. He has collaborated with several online personalities on Twitch and YouTube in creating amazing contents. From these stints, he has been able to garner an estimated net worth of $1 million.

4. LL Stylish Has A Decent Online Following

Over the past years, he has worked hard to win the attention and praise of the online audience. While doing this was not really easy for him, he’s still grateful that his hard work has been paying off. On YouTube, LL Stylish’s channel has pulled in more than 740,000 subscribers and millions of views while his twitch account has over 461,000 followers.

On an impressive note, the YouTuber’s twitch channel is ranked the 38th most-watched English League of Legends channel and the 90th most-watched League of Legends channel.

5. Relationship Status

LL Stylish loves keeping a low-profile on matters that pertain to his personal life. However, the YouTuber could possibly be in a relationship, going by a video he titled: LL Style Shows His Girlfriend On Stream, which was uploaded recently on his channel. At the moment, a lot is still not known about the YouTuber’s relationship life.

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