Loca The Pug – Bio and Facts About The “Now Dead” Internet Sensation

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Loca the Pug is a mentally ill dog that charmed her way into the hearts of many through her viral video online. The video, which was shot by her owners in 2012, showed Loca trying to run but had trouble doing so because of her mild brain disorder. It was uploaded on YouTube and it attracted a lot of likes, views, and positive comments. Soon, people labeled Loca ‘the pug that couldn’t run’.

Loca who lived in a loving home had a short life span due to her brain illness. She died in October 2017 after suffering a brain hemorrhage. She passed on peacefully in her sleep after all efforts to resuscitated her proved abortive. Learn a bit more about the pug who couldn’t run from the paragraphs below.

Loca The Pug’s Bio

Loca the Pug is a cute dog that was born on June 21, 2009, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her place of birth made her an Irish dog. Loca was a very adorable dog loved by her family despite her mental illness. She loved hugs and loved to eat roasted chicken. Ironically, one thing she could not do was run.

Facts About Loca The Pug

She Was An Active Social Media Star

Loca’s owners opened several social media accounts on her behalf. She had a YouTube channel which she was most popular for. Her popularity began when a video of her titled Loca the Pug singing……’The pug that couldn’t run’ was uploaded on her channel. The video depicted her trying to run but stumbling as she tried. The video was an instant hit and received over 19 million views.

Her owners uploaded other videos on her channel following the success of the first. Some of them include Loca the pug sings again……………Me Da’s great big trike, Loca the pug and the story of “There was a young puppy…”, Loca the pug in ‘SUPERDOGS’ (Part 1), Loca the pug in ‘SUPERDOGS’ (Part 2), and so on. All her videos received about 29 million views.

Her owners also opened other social media accounts – such as  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in her name. The pages were used to update her fans on the events and activities of the pug. They were also used to share cute photos and videos of the animal.

Loca The Pug Has A Book About Her

Not many people have inspired the authorship of a book – even a novella, however, this little Irish pug inspired the writing of a book. The book had an unusual and very long name. It was titled “Unbefeckinglievable”. It was on sale on Amazon. According to the author, the book was about an average family, living in an average house in an average city. The story of this family was told by a more than average dog in a humorous way. The reviews and commercial success of the book, however, is not known.

Net Worth

Loca the Pug had a net worth said to be over $100,000 which made the pug richer than many humans alive today – the irony of life, you might agree. Loca who became popular through the YouTube video posted in 2012, received a lot of likes and millions of views. Her video was downloaded massively around the world and uploaded on various sites by her teeming followers and fans. More videos were uploaded on her channel and in all, they had an aggregate of over 29 million views.

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Before her actual death, rumors began making the rounds that the adorable wee dog was dead. This rumors came up at different times. The reason for the death hoax was never revealed, however, her owners took to her YouTube channel to confirm that she is very much alive. They posted a video of her to that effect, shutting down the speculations.

Sadly, Loca The Pug would eventually leave this world a while later on the 20th of October 2017. Her family announced the news of her death online and expressed how much they missed their pug. The late dog was said to have died in her sleep after having a horrifying eptic fit. It was also said to have caused more damage to the brain, leading to a brain hemorrhage.

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