Logan Paul Net Worth: How Much Money Does The YouTuber Make?

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YouTube was created in 2005 as a site where people could post and share videos. A year after its inception it was possible to make money from the videos that were being posted, this monetization of YouTube has created a source of income for a number of people. Logan Paul is one of the people who has the foundation of their wealth in this monetization scheme created by YouTube. Keep reading to learn more on Logan Paul’s net worth and how he makes money from YouTube as well as other sources.

How Logan Paul Made His Money

This YouTube star was born on the 1st of April, 1995 in Westlake Ohio. His career in entertainment is not just limited to him being an Internet personality as he is also an actor and director.

The earliest steps Paul took to becoming the star he is today were taken in 2013 when he joined the now-defunct social media platform, Vine and shared short, hilarious videos. After using Vine for a year, he had more than 3 million followers, but this only helped with his fame and not the growth of his wealth.

By 2014, he joined YouTube, the first video he uploaded was a compilation of his Vine videos and because of the fame he was enjoying on Vine which had spread to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, in the week that he uploaded the Vine compilation he got more than 4 million views. For the monetization package on YouTube, the more views you get the higher the amount of money you can make and for Logan Paul, who in his first week on his first video got 4 million views, the possibilities of the money he could make were almost endless.

Logan Paul’s Net Worth – How Much Money Does He Make?

Logan Paul has at least an average of 3 million views on his videos daily and makes more than $200,000 monthly from his YouTube channel. His vlogging career has been going on for close to five years and the accumulated sum of his earnings is why he has a net worth of $14.5 million. This makes him one of the . From his YouTube posts, he is also able to advertise the products of different brands and this helps with his earnings as well.


As previously mentioned, Logan Paul’s major source of his wealth is YouTube but in 2017 the YouTuber uploaded a video that was enough to end his career and the reputation he had as a lovable internet star. During a trip to Japan, Paul and his crew visited the Suicide forest which is known as a location where a lot of people go to commit suicide. While he was in the forest, he came across the body of a man hanging from a tree who had apparently killed himself. Logan Paul went ahead to film himself with the body while making terrible remarks about the dead person. The outrage was so intense that before he got back to his home country, YouTube had suspended his channel stating that he had violated their policies.

His suspension put a dent in his earnings, as he was cut off from the monetization program. Brands no longer wanted to place their ads on his videos or sponsor his posts. He was also taken off some film projects he was supposed to appear in.

Other Sources of Logan Paul’s Net Worth

While in the midst of the aforementioned controversy, when he was expected to be making much less, Logan Paul’s net worth from the previous year increased from slightly above $12 million to the $14.5 million it currently is. This increment is mostly because of the merchandise he sells from his clothing line, Maverick.

When his fans found out about the suspension, there was a rush to purchase the clothes he sells, this was done as a sign of their solidarity and support regardless of his actions. This merchandise line is named after his parrot, and it is the second biggest source of Logan Paul’s income and net worth, it was created in 2017 and since its creation, it has made more than $9 million in revenue annually.

The suspension on Logan’s account was later lifted, however, he received another ban where ads could not be placed on his content. Though Logan Paul continues to run his YouTube channel, he has also begun streaming more frequently on Twitch.

There is also the athletic side of him. Logan Paul earned 35% of the pay-per-view revenue from his boxing match with fellow YouTuber, . Estimates suggested that the revenue was as high as $30 million but Paul later stated that the figures were nowhere near that, revealing that 30% of the revenue went to YouTube.

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