Maggie Haberman – Husband, Weight Loss & New York Times / CNN

Maggie Haberman's Net Worth as of October 2023 is $1.5 Million

Quick Facts of Maggie Haberman

Net Worth$1.5 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 6 in
Date of Birth30 October, 1973
ProfessionMedia Personalities

A talented personality and a hard worker, Maggie Haberman nursed big dreams to follow in the footsteps of her father to forge a successful career as a journalist. As the saying goes, no dream is ever too big to be achieved; the intending journalist took off from the New York Post in 1996, working as a reporter.

Three years afterward, she was asked by her employee to undertake the coverage of City Hall and along the line, she became hooked on political reporting.

She went over to the team of their rivals the New York Daily News in the early 2000s and spent a few years there before making a comeback to the New York Post in 2008.

A good part of her early experience in political reporting includes her time with the Politico as a reporter.

She attained the climax of her career in journalism when she landed a plum job with the New York Times in 2015, solely to work as their political correspondent, covering the presidential elections of 2016.

According to reports, she maintained a very good rapport with the campaign team of President Trump. Maggie Haberman is seen as the epitome of the traditional journalist who would first think before coming out with an opinion, she has moved on to carve a niche for herself in the field of political reporting with her smart way of words and sharp intellect.

Maggie Haberman is popularly known as a political analyst for CNN, as well as a correspondent for the New York Times.

The end of the 2016 presidential campaign saw her in another assignment along with Glenn Thrush; the duo convincingly reported portraits of the president’s work and personal life that gave rise to a stir in Trump’s presidency.

Source: Star Studds

She dares to criticize President Trump’s favorite social media platform – Twitter, referring to it as an “anger video game” that made the headlines.

Her comment was on Trump’s personal use of the Twitter handle where he referred to Maggie Haberman as a third-rate reporter.

According to Maggie, Trump is exceptional at dividing and conquering the press, infusing them with a level of power no past president has, thereby treating them like the opposition.

Who Is Maggie Haberman?

Her family is Jewish and she was born in New York City on the 30th of October 1973. Her dad has been identified as Clyde Haberman, a longtime journalist for the NY Times and her mum is Nancy Haberman (née Spies) who earns a living at Rubenstein Associates, working as a media executive.

Source: The Guardian

Her early academic qualifications came from the P.S 75 Emily Dickinson School where she performed as a singer in the performance of the musical Annie.

Maggie Haberman attended an independent preparatory school in New York City known as Ethical Culture Fieldston School where she graduated in 1991, Maggie achieved her college education at a private liberal arts college in Yonkers, New York, known as Sarah Lawrence College, graduating with a BA in 1995.

Who Is Maggie Haberman’s Husband?

From all that is obvious, Maggie Haberman seems to be a one-man woman because she has only ever been involved in a single marriage throughout her life.

Her spouse Dareh Ardashes Gregorian is a journalist working in his capacity as a reporter for the New York Daily News, he was previously on the payroll of the New York Daily Post and his father is Vartan Gregorian.

Source: Celebtap

The couple came together in a marriage ceremony that took place on the Tribeca Rooftop in Manhattan in November 2003. The officiating judge at their wedding was Judge Edward R. Korman.

Although Maggie rarely makes public appearances with her spouse, they are living happily together in a marriage that has endured for 16 years and still counting.

The details of births might not be known concerning their three children as their parents are averse to flaunting their photos on social media but they have been identified as Maxi, Miri, and Dashiell.

Maggie Haberman and her family currently reside in Brooklyn and she juggles her time between being a caring mother and a loving wife with her job as a journalist.

Is Maggie Haberman related to Clyde Haberman?

Clyde Haberman is the father of Maggie haberman. Clyde was married to Nancy Spies Haberman who is an executive of Rubenstein Associates. Maggie is white house correspondent for the New York Times.

What is the Net Worth of Maggie Haberman?

Maggie Haberman has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022.

Maggie Haberman’s Weight Loss

It may be a result of the fact that she does not surf much on social media or that she just likes to keep her private life to herself, but her body measurements have never been published.

We couldn’t find the details of her height, weight, and general body statistics and as a result, no mention has ever been made of a weight problem and no incident of weight loss has ever been mentioned on her behalf.

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