Maria Francisca Perello (Xisca) – Bio, Facts About Rafael Nadal’s Wife

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Maria Francisca Perello who also goes by the name Xisca Perello is a Spanish lady who is famous for her dalliance with the professional Spanish tennis player,. The pair actually knew themselves from their days in high school back in Spain but they started their romantic journey sometime in 2005 and have been together till date.

Aside from being the partner of the tennis player, Maria is also a very ambitious woman who holds a degree in Business Management and has worked for the firm MAPFRE but had to quit her job due to office squabbles. Currently, she is working in the capacity of Project Director for the Rafael Nadal Foundation which was established by the tennis star back in 2008.

Maria Francisca Perello’s Bio

Her birth record indicates that she was born on the 7th of July 1988, in Palma de Majorca, Spain. She grew up in a middle-class family as her parents Bernat Perelló and Maria Pascual had to work very hard to provide for the needs of the family.

Xisca, as she is fondly called, studied at the Palma de Majorca High School in Spain before proceeding to complete her education in a London college where she earned a degree in Business Management. It is also interesting to note that even though speaking English was a problem for Maria Francisca Perello when she was growing up, her move to the UK left her with no other option but to learn the language in order to live a normal life.

Other Facts About Maria Francisca Perello

  • Maria Francisca was a victim of workplace antagonism

Shortly after her graduation, Maria Francisca Perello started working for MAPFRE, a firm which also signed her tennis star boyfriend, Rafael Nadal, as their brand ambassador. However, during her time in the company, she was treated spitefully by her co-workers who had the perception she was given the job because she was Rafael’s girlfriend. As the rumor escalated, Maria could not handle it anymore, she quit her job and went back to her birth town, Majorca to engage herself in an insurance company.

  • She plays a major role in her partner’s foundation

A new phase of her career started in 2008 when she became a member of Rafael Nadal Foundation, a non-governmental organization founded by Rafael, it seeks to give hope and opportunities to the less privileged youths across the globe. Maria Francisca Perello was made the Project Director of the foundation which makes her one of the major stakeholders. It is also known that irrespective of her connection with Rafael, Maria takes her work seriously and she had contributed tremendously to the smooth running of the Rafael Nadal Foundation since its inception.

  • Maria Francisca Perello’s Relationship With Rafael Nadal

Coming to her love life, the Spanish beauty has not yet tied the knot but it is no secret that Maria has been in a romantic relationship for over a decade with the tennis pro, Rafael Nadal. Although her dalliance with Rafael became known in 2005, the pair have known each other right from their days in high school but they were only friends at the time. As at now, they seem to be enjoying their relationship and for a relationship that has lingered for over a decade, we are eager to hear wedding bells ringing soon.

  • She is a very private person

It is very common to see the wives and girlfriends of public figures flaunting themselves all over social media but that is not the case with Maria Francisca Perello. This beautiful Spanish lady does not flaunt herself in the public eye and she is known to be a very private person, a fact that even her partner has confirmed.

  • Maria Francisca Perello is paid well for her job at the Rafael Nadal Foundation

Speaking of her net worth, it is worth knowing that as a key player in the Rafael Nadal Foundation, Maria Francisca has accumulated a very impressive amount of money. According to various reports gathered, she sits at an estimated net worth of about $500,000 and she is definitely enjoying a good chunk of her partner’s earnings which is pegged at a whopping $180 million.

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