Mark Dice – Biography, Net Worth, Wife and Other Things You Need To Know

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Mark Dісе forms a part of a growing group of conspiracy theorists on social media who seek to bring certain alleged hidden secrets to light. Though his major platform of choice is YouTube, he also writes books that reveal what he claims to be the hidden agendas of the Illuminati, Satanists, and similar cult groups. One of his most popular reveals which went viral was one which implied that the government of the United States of America was involved in the widely publicized deadly September 11 terrorist attacks. Curious to find out more? Do read on.

Biography of Mark Dісе

Mark Dісе wаѕ bоrn Mark Shouldice іn Міlwаukее оn the 21ѕt of Dесеmbеr 1977. Asides his date of birth and where he was born, Mark hasn’t been forthcoming about other details of his childhood like where he attended high school, university or the identity of his parents. Given the nature of his brand, he chooses to be discreet with details of his personal life so as to protect the people he loves or just keep them off the prying eyes of the public. Nevertheless, one thing he managed to share with his fans is the fact that he had always been fascinated with the mysterious right from his younger years.


Mark Dісе published a book he wrote on the New World Order and Illuminati conspiracy theories in 2005. He named the book ‘The Resistance Manifesto’. A sequel soon followed which he titled, The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, it was published in 2009. In the book, he discussed the possibility of the Illuminati being a secret society. The following year, he linked up with the investigator of the show Decoded, which is a series on The History Channel. On the show, the host and Dice discussed at length all things related to the Illuminati society. Asides his book publication, Mark decided to also employ the use of social media, YouTube to be precise to create contents relevant to his passion in dishing out conspiracy theories.

One of his video posts which gained significant viewing was that in which he to create awareness to the general public on the signing of the satirical petition. The petition was one which involved the repealing of the Bill of Rights for Obama. The video also appealed for immunity for all crimes the former president, Barrack Obama, may commit while he remained in office. Aside from his conspiracy theory on the Illuminati, he has also made posts on secret societies such as the Bohemian Grove, The Bilderberg Group, and the Satanists’ control of the world.

Net Worth

In the past, it was unfathomable to think that a YouTube or social media personality would be able to seek a livelihood from making random video posts. Interestingly, it is actually possible in this modern times as a good number of vloggers have gone on to become millionaires and Mark Dісе just happens to be one of those successful ones.

Due to his controversial content creation, he has been able to attract myriads of paid advertisement to his channel which is huge. More so, coupled with the facts that he has authored a few books on his conspiracy theories, his earnings have been impressive as he boasts of a net worth of over $3 million.

Personal Life – Wife

When it comes to his personal life, Mark Dісе has managed to keep the information very slim. In terms of any romantic relationship, Mark hasn’t made any public announcement with regard to this neither has he mentioned a date on any of his conspiracy videos. More so, he has yet to be spotted with any lady who seemed like a date, girlfriend or wife. We most definitely will keep a watch out for any news relating to his love life.


Other Things You Need To Know

A campaign was launched by Dice in June 2008 and he called it Operation Inform the Soldiers. This was done to encourage the U.S Marines and troops to question what really happened during the September 11 attacks. According to him, the men of the military deserve to know what they risk their lives for.

Mark Dісе’s theories get him his own fair share of criticism from time to time but one critique that took things a little too far was that of Michael Reagan, a syndicated talk show host and son of former American president Ronald Reagan. On one of the segments of his show, Michael Reagan made a comment suggesting that Dice be tried for treason. He further said that Mark Dісе should be eliminated by way of a firing squad without a blindfold on and that he (Reagan) would pay for the bullets expended on Dice.

The comments made by Reagan prompted the Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), a progressive advocacy group, to demand that Radio America tell the public if it actually encouraged hates speeches on its platform. The group also insinuated that Reagan’s comments were enough to incite murder attempts against Dice. Michael Reagan has since apologized for his comments with the claims that it was merely a statement which was not to be taken seriously or literally for that matter.

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