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Mark Wahlberg is regarded by many as one of the most successful celebrities that transitioned from a pop idol to a bonafide actor and model. Although he started off as a musician, the celebrity is currently known for his acting talent and has starred in some of the most successful films and movies around the world. His success has also turned him into a mythical creature with certain unusual body part. The question is whether it is just a myth or an imagination of the haters of the 2 Gun star.

If you really are a fan of Mark Wahlberg then you might know much about him on the public arena, but how much of his private life are you aware of. In this post, we are going to reveal some little known facts about the former white rapper’s mythical third nipple, tattoos as well as house. In the end, you will have learned something you probably did not know about the superstar you always consider perfect.

Does Mark Wahlberg Have A Third Nipple?

Humans are supposed to have only two nipples located just above the left and right coastal angles and on the surface of the chest muscles referred to as pectorals. Theoretically, embryologists say nipples can appear anywhere along a line running from the chest to the abdomen they refer to as mammary line. However, the line regresses leaving nipples at only one place mentioned above. Therefore, it is considered congenital abnormality or anomaly if someone has three instead of two nipples, a condition referred to as polythelia or supernumerary nipples.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the former Marky Mark leader has a third nipple just below his left one but that he has tried all along to hide it. Have you ever had a chance to see photos of him shirtless? If so, have you noticed something like a red dot just below his left nipple? Well, it may appear as a scar tissue but it is actually a nipple. Word has it that about 1 in 18 men has this anatomical anomaly on them but it is hard to see in celebrities who usually appear to be flawless. Besides Mark, , Frank Langella, Jackson Browne, Harry Styles and Brian Jones also have the magical third utter.

The Shooter Star is well-known for his open and candid personality. That is why he admitted his terrible past as well as his career mistakes. Asked about the third nipple, the actor readily admitted and said it looks like that of a baby and that it never grew. A third nipple has no adverse effect on a person such as future complications only that it causes some cosmetic problems to those who care about such things and flawless skin.

Mark Wahlberg’s tattoos

Celebrities are notorious for inking themselves to portray some image or communicate their personal feelings. Mark Wahlberg is not an exception; he had many tattoos on his body. These included but not limited to Sylvester the cat with Tweety Bird in his mouth (ankle), WM initials of his name plus surname (right upper arm), Bob Marley portrait with the words ‘One Love’ (upper left arm) and a rosary with crucifix and the words ‘In God I Trust’ (around his neck with crucifix over his heart). There may have been many others.

Nevertheless, the father of four decided to embark on the painful journey of removing the tattoos to set a good example to his children. He says he decided to make that hard choice despite the fact that those tattoos are of sentimental meaning to him as they both professional and personal. It appears the actor went through a lot of soul-searching to make such a decision. He made the decision in 2012 and the former rapper now has a skin as pristine as that of a newborn.

Mark Wahlberg’s Great Mansion

The actor has amassed enormous wealth thanks to his success in the Hollywood film and movie industry. It therefore comes as no surprise that he owns one of the biggest and state-of-the-art mansion in one of the most affluent suburbs in the United States. Mark and his family live in a large mansion in exclusive Los Angeles neighborhoods Beverly Park. The 30,000 square foot French manor sits on six acres of land bought at $8 million and features a 43-year-old palace.

The mansion boasts of a full-size basketball court, guest house, putting green, swimming pool with a water slide, a large motor court as well as three-car garage. It also includes proper landscaping with lush green grass and trees. Outdoor loggia reveals covered ceilings, limestone floors and fireplace. It is a worthy home for the family man.

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