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Not everyone has what it takes to painstakingly brainstorm, test food recipes and then push across the result for other people to learn and benefit from. In fact, most people don’t naturally have the curiosity to try out new things, talk more of going as far as throwing around ingredients in the kitchen with the aim of coming up with savory and sweet dishes. But thanks to the work of people like Mark Wiens, who is not just a cook but also a food blogger, whose blogs feature tasty, healthy, fresh, and delicious dishes and how to prepare them for consumption, we are all able to eat good food without having to do the dirty work.

Mark Wiens’s Bio (Ethnicity)

Right from his childhood, traveling has always been part of Mark Wien’s life and he believes he inherited this from his parents. He began moving around with his parents after his birth in Phoenix, Arizona, on 26th February 1986. The ethnically white food blogger was raised by them in Phoenix until the age of five when his family began moving around. They lived in places like Albertville in France, Hawaii, Canada, and Central Africa, specifically in Tandala, which is in the Republic of Congo. Wiens spent some time in Congo, where he became friends with some locals and also got ingrained into their culture. His next stop after that was Nairobi, Kenya, where he also fell in love with a whole lot of things, including their food and culture.

Wiens was educated in various schools across Africa, however, he also spent some time in America for his education. He joined Rosslyn Academy at 5th grade, graduating there before enrolling at Arizona State University to study Global Studies, which was supposedly influenced by his traveling exposure and lifestyle.

After obtaining a degree from the institution in the year 2008, Mark Wiens decided to continue his global traveling adventure since he couldn’t figure out what to do immediately. He started out by visiting different countries in South America. During this time, he was able to launch a blog called Migrationology, where he shared his experiences about food and travel. Not long after, the blogger launched his personal YouTube channel, which would grow to become a home to food lovers across the world as well as a source of income for him.

After careful consideration and deep thought, Wiens decided to move around the world, starting from Buenos Aires, a city in Argentina. While he was there, he made good friends, ate good food, learned their culture, and also did a one month course in the English Language, with the intention of teaching people new things when he travels.

Wiens then moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where he secured a teaching job. While teaching English to earn more money, he kept blogging and writing more articles about food and travel. His first eBook titled Eating Thai Food Guide was published in the year 2010.

Currently, his first Youtube channel has over 600 million views and more than 3.3 million subscribers, while his second channel, Mark Abroad, is fast-growing. While the latter is dedicated to his flight and accommodation experiences in the countries he has been to, the former features him visiting different cities and countries eating street food. In addition to the places mentioned above, Mark Wiens has been to China, Turkey, Austria, and Mexico among many other countries.

Family – Wife, Parents

The food blogger is happily married to a beautiful woman only known as Ying, who like him is also an avid traveler, food lover, and cook. The couple, who have enjoyed traveling across the globe by each other’s side, reportedly met and got married in Thailand, where they have since built a home.

In regards to his parents, not much is known about them, although Wiens once hinted that they are travelers as well, which is probably how he was able to develop an interest in traveling. In addition to him, his parents also have a daughter whose name is unknown.



Mark Wiens has been able to establish multiple financial sources ever since he made up his mind to make a living from traveling and blogging about food. He has put together an eBook and has two thriving YouTube channels as well as a fast-growing website that sells merchandise. Through all this, he has been able to garner a net worth of $2 million, however, his exact salary per year is not known.

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