Matt Hughes – Bio, Car Accident and Injury, Net Worth, Wife, Is He Gay?

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Matt Hughes is famously known as a fierce wrestler and mixed martial arts athlete. He is popular for his UFC wins. He has been in the martial arts cum wrestling realms since high school and has recorded massive success in both fields. He is also a father of many; he has two daughters from his present marriage with Audra Moore and also has others (biological and stepchildren) from his previous relationships. The athlete held the stage of the wrestling and martial arts siege for a long time with his winning streak which included championship wins. Read on to learn more.

Matt Hughes’ Bio

Matt Hughes was born on October 13, 1973. He was born in the vast city of Hillsboro, Illinois, USA. Hughes was born Matthew Allen Hughes and the white wrestler has two siblings; a sister, Beth and Mark Hughes, his twin brother. Nothing is known of the identity of their parents, only that the family split up due to internal family issues.

While growing up, Matt attended the Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville, Illinois but was later transferred to Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois. For his university education, he attended the Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

In the year 2008, Matt released his autobiography where he relates various events that took place in his childhood. Matt was some sort of a troubleshooter in his youthful age, as he recounts how he and other wrestlers would bully everybody in junior high school and break a lot of things. This mischievous behavior was also found in his twin brother, who made their home unbearable with his actions. According to Matt, although he and Mark were a twin, they really didn’t get along as children.

During his junior and senior high school years, Matt Hughes began to wrestle and he took part in a handful of wrestling matches and won most of them. Entering the big league, Matt became a two time 145 lb IHSA (Illinois High School Association) Class A state wrestling champion. In his sophomore year, he had a record of 131 wins and 2 losses.

In 1998, January 1st, Hughes made his martial arts career debut and defeated his opponent via TKO in 15 seconds. After this, he won his next five consecutive fights through submission. Matt’s career in the martial arts blossomed beyond expectations and in 2006, he took home the Black Belt Hall of Famer for the NHB Fighter of the Year. The years that followed also saw more of such awards like the Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Matt blended martial arts with wrestling and after high school, he proceeded to wrestle in college. In Eastern University, he won the NCAA Division/All American Championship two times in a roll; placing 5th in 1996 and 5th in 1997 at 158 lb. Matt completed his career at Eastern Illinois with an 80-15 record. Matt also had a record of being a fierce fighter and a competitive athlete.

His competitive spirit took him beyond college and shot him to several professional wrestling competitions. However, one that shot him to the limelight was his win in the Ultimate Fighter Championship (UFC). Matt Hughes went on to win the UFC World Championship in spectacular fashion and defended this title several times. Little wonder why in 2014, he was voted pound-to-pound the Best Wrestler in the world.

Other of his championships wins and defenses include; 1999 Fighter of the Year (3rd Place), 2002 Fighter of the Year, 2003 Fighter of the Year (3rd Place), 2004 Fighter of the Year (3rd Place), 2005 Fighter of the Year (3rd Place), (2002) Welterweight Fighter of the Year, (2003) Welterweight Fighter of the Year and so on. Five successful title defenses (first reign), two successful title defenses (second reign), Seven successful title defenses (overall), Fight of the Night (two times), Submission of the Night (one time), Second most title defenses in the UFC welterweight division (seven) and so on.

Matt Hughes announced his official retirement from professional wrestling and mixed martial arts on January 24th, 2013.

Net Worth

Hughes enjoyed numerous years of career success with various championships and belts to show for it. Therefore, his economic stability and buoyancy come as no surprise. Currently, he is estimated to have a net worth of $8 million.

Car Accident and Injury: Is Matt Hughes Dead?

It was like the climax of a horror movie when the award-winning athlete, Matt Hughes was involved in a near-fatal car accident, which occurred in June 2017. The athlete who retired from mixed martial arts in January 2013 was airlifted to HSHS St. John’s hospital in Springfield Illinois after his pickup truck collided with a moving train.

There was no report of any abuse of substance while driving that could have led to the accident, however, his vehicle was said to have got stuck in the hill and was unable to cross the rail track when the train hit its side. The incident took place at Raymond III near his hometown of Hillsboro. Matt’s condition was critical when he was brought to the hospital and he was instantly placed in a ventilator to aid him in breathing. A few days later, his doctor reported that Matt was in a stable condition with no broken bones or internal injuries.


After a few months, Matt was ready to go home but was physically a shadow of himself as the once muscular wrestler had greatly emaciated and it was uncertain if he would survive. Conversely and to the pleasure of his family, friends, and fans, Matt continued to recover and is currently working towards full recovery.

Is Matt Hughes Gay? Wife and Children 

Matt Hughes is not only a fighter and martial arts champion but also a father who wants to be remembered for being a good one. He admits that all his victory and success in his career put together cannot be compared to the fulfillment and joy his family brings him.

Matt is happily married to Audra Moore-Hughes. The two got together in July 9, 2004, and have two lovely daughters: Hannah and Katelyn. Matt also has children from his previous relationships and so does his wife, Audra. Despite his knowledge, Joey Hughes is the only son seen by public eyes. Conclusively, Matt Hughes is definitely not gay.

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