Matthew Francis Nolan – Family Life and All About Jonathan Nolan’s Brother

Matthew Francis Nolan's Net Worth as of September 2023 is $2 Million

Quick Facts of Matthew Francis Nolan

Net Worth$2 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 9 in
Date of Birth1 January, 1970

Matthew Francis Nolan is known for being the brother of Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan.

Matthew, unlike his brothers, took another path as he has done kidnapping and murder.

Back in 2005, Matthew was charged with the murder of Robert C. Cohen in Costa Rica. Furthermore, he has also faced charges of bank fraud.

Does Matthew Francis have a twin brother?

Matthew Francis doesn’t have a twin brother. But has two brothers named Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan.

Matthew Francis Nolan – Bio, Age

Matthew Francis Nolan was born in 1965 alongside his siblings Cristopher and Jonathan.  His father’s name is Brendan Nolan and his mother’s name is Christina Nolan. He is British-American by nationality.

Source: The Personage

The story that caught the attention of the public with regard to Matthew came up in 2005 when he was 40 years old. He was linked to the kidnapping and murder case of the businessman Robert C. Cohen in Costa Rica.

According to sources, Matthew was not alone in the crime as Douglas Mejia, a hotel worker, was identified as his partner in crime.

Matthew pretended to be a businessman and suggested that a business meeting be held in Mr. Cohen’s room so that they could get away with their crime.

Matthew and his partner took Mr. Cohen hostage during the meeting, then asked Cohen’s family for money.

In another version of the story, Matthew Nolan was hired to get the money back that Mr. Cohen was said to have borrowed from a man in Florida whose name was kept secret.

When Mr. Cohen was finally killed and his dead body was found on March 10, 2005, the whole story turned into a disaster.

Even though Mejia got time in prison for his crimes, Matthew didn’t get prosecuted in Costa Rica. Even when he was in Chicago, the judge couldn’t convict him because there wasn’t enough proof that he was a kidnapper and murderer.

Source: Daily Mail

But Matthew Nolan is still on the Costa Rican police’s list of wanted criminals. They are still looking for ways to make him pay for his crimes, and Cohen’s family, especially his daughter, is doing everything they can to find the people who killed Cohen.

What happened to Matthew Francis Nolan?

Matthew Francis Nolan was charged with bank fraud and he was also linked with the brutal killing of Robert C. Cohen in Costa Rica.

Source: BHW

Facts About Mathew Francis Nolan

1. In 1999, he married Erika in a big ceremony, and they are said to have two children together.


2. While his brothers went into the movie business, Matthew Francis Nolan went into the real estate business, which made him a lot of money.


3.In addition to being accused of murder, the property businessman was also charged with $700,000 worth of bank fraud and was arrested by the FBI.


4. In 2012, Matthew sued the United States because the Bureau of Prisons had hurt him “physically, mentally, and psychologically” while he was in the Chicago prison.

As of 2022, Matthew has a net worth of $2 million.


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