Matthew Francis Nolan – Family Life and All About Jonathan Nolan’s Brother

Quick Facts of Matthew Francis Nolan

Net Worth$2 million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 9 in
Date of Birth1 January, 1970

The name Nolan will ring a bell to most people as two top directors namely Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan are brothers making it big in the film industry. However, there is another brother who has been identified as Matthew Francis Nolan and unlike his brothers, he is making the headlines on the grounds of kidnapping, murder, and other fraudulent activities.

Back in 2005, Matthew name did not only become a popular name as a businessman but he was linked to the brutal killing of Robert C. Cohen in Costa Rica. Added to that, he has also faced charges of alleged bank fraud and bankruptcy charges.

Does Matthew Francis have a twin brother?

Matthew Francis has two brothers named Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan.

Matthew Francis Nolan – Bio, Age

Matthew Francis Nolan was born in 1965 and he spent most of his growing up years shuttling between England and America. However, we do not have detailed information concerning his early education and college days but from what was gathered, he was given a good education.

Source: The Personage

The story that caught the attention of the public with regards to Matthew came up sometime in 2005 when he was 40 years old and linked to the kidnapping and murder case of the businessman Robert C. Cohen in Costa Rica.

According to sources, Matthew Francis Nolan was not alone in the crime as Douglas Mejia, a hotel worker, was identified as his partner in crime.

The pair allegedly held Mr. Cohen captive and were able to execute their crime by Matthew pretending to be a businessman and proposing for a business meeting to be held in Mr. Cohen’s room.

It was put forward that the culprit took Mr. Cohen hostage during the course of the meeting and together with his accomplice, made financial demands from Cohen’s family.

Another version of the story holds that Matthew Nolan was hired to retrieve the money Mr.Cohen allegedly borrowed from a man in Florida whose identity was not revealed.

The whole story became catastrophic when Mr. Cohen was eventually murdered and his lifeless body was discovered on the 10th of March 2005.

Although Mejia was sentenced to time in prison for his crimes, Matthew somewhat escaped being convicted in Costa Rica and even though he was in Chicago, the judge could not convict him on the grounds that sufficient proof was not presented to make him a kidnapper and murderer.

Source: Daily Mail

However, Matthew Nolan is not off the criminal radar of the Costa Rican authorities who are still looking for means to get him to pay for his crimes, coupled with the fact that his family of Cohen, especially his daughter is doing everything in her power to see that her father’s killers are brought to justice.

What happened to Matthew Francis Nolan?

Matthew Francis Nolan was charged with bank fraud and bankruptcy and he was also linked with the brutal killing of Robert C. Cohen in Costa Rica.

Family Life

His father Brendan James was a top advertising manager while his mother who was identified was as Christiana worked as an English Tutor in the Aviation industry.

Matthew’s ancestry shows that he is of mixed background as his mum is originally an American while his dad is an English man from England.

Matthew’s immediate younger brother is the popular – English movie director who has made a name for himself among the A-listed film directors of our time.

Moreso, he is a recipient of numerous nominations and awards from the Hollywood film industry, and his work The Dark Knight and Inception have earned him worldwide recognition.

Source: BHW

Aside from Christopher, Mathew Francis Nolan also has another brother in the movie industry named Jonathan Nolan who is also a film director, producer and author who has received his fair share of popularity for works like Westworld and Memento which landed him a nomination from the Academy Awards.

Facts About Mathew Francis Nolan

1. It is known that the first Nolan brother (Matthew) has high taste and his marriage to Erika in 1999 was announced with an elaborate wedding and the pair are said to have two sons together.

2. Unlike his brothers that went into the film business, Matthew Francis Nolan went into the property business which turned out to be very lucrative for him.

3. Aside from his murder allegations, the property businessman has also faced a case of bank fraud to the tune of $700,000 and was arrested by the FBI.

4. Back in 2012, Matthew had sued the United States on grounds of ‘physical, psychological and psychiatric injury’ the Bureau of Prisons inflicted upon him when he was held at the Chicago prison.

5. Matthew has a net worth of $2 million as of the year 2022.

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