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Not everyone can become a great artist but a great artist can come from anyone, irrespective of age. Our artist in focus is Matty B, an American child star from Atlanta, who covers several hit songs on his YouTube channel. He started singing at the tender age of 7 and is taking voice lessons from Lisa Rosemond (the same one who trained Justin Bieber and Usher) at Jan Smith Studios.

Matty has also written a memoir, That’s a Rap, with the help of Travis Thrasher which was released on June 7, 2016. He likes to play lacrosse, baseball, video game in his free time and is also a great fan of Michael Jackson.

Matty B Bio, Age

Born as Matthew David Moris on January 6, 2003, in Duluth, Georgia, Matty is currently 15. He answers Matty B Rapp and is currently a middle school student at Wesleyan School.

Matty had an ear for music as a child and got interested at the very young age of 5 when he heard hip-hop for the first time, he went ahead to learn dance steps to match the beats. Everything fell into place when his older cousin, MarsRaps, who is a rapper moved in with his family. He became interested in Mars’ type of music and rapped on its lyrics. Matt didn’t just want to be a listener or a nominal player, he sought help from his cousin to improve his raps.

He finally made a YouTube video at 7 with his cousin in 2010. The very first cover he did was ‘s Eenie Meenie which was posted on May 31. The video which became a springboard to his prominence gained over 500,000 views within the first week of its release and has over 6 million views to date.

Prior to making videos, he released songs with original lyrics in 2010 which include a remix of Kylie Minogue’s I Believe in You in June and ‘ Just the Way You Are which was his first song.

The hardworking lad reached 11th spot on the Billboard Social 50 Chart in 2012 with his video, That’s the Way. This feat caused an explosion in his social media fan base, doubling the number of his followers on various platforms. He has over 8 million viewers on YouTube and over 2 million followers on Instagram.


Matty sets and sees no limit to his rise to stardom as he does not rest on his oars. He has recorded several singles which scored a splendid number of downloads on iTunes. He has also made appearances on Television alongside famous personalities like  and in shows such as Dance Moms, Good Morning America, and Dr Phil Show. Most USA’s large venues like Turner Field and Philips Arena has hosted his live performances which usually attracts a large audience.

Matty B records original videos for all his covers and that distinguishes him from the host of other kids making cover videos. He’s covered hits by stars like , , Willow Smith, Black Eyed Peas, together with young celebrities like Gracie Haschak, Chanel Loran and Maddi Jane.

Matty B Family, Brother

Matthew was born as the fourth child in a family of seven to Blake Morris Sr. and Tawny Morris. He has three elder brothers; Blake Jr. born on February 15, 1996, John Michael born November 28, 1998, Joshua born September 14, 2001 and a younger sister, Sarah Grace born on January 30, 2006.

Matty’s father was born in 1964 and he is BBA, entrepreneur, founder of a number of companies and investor while his mother was born in 1965. They got married in 1994 and live in Suwanee, Atlanta, Georgia with their children.

His family supports him all the way. His father is his manager and had set up a music recording studio in their house. He loves his family very much and would always post pictures of them online.


Matty is not the only one in the family who makes videos and uploads to YouTube. His brother, Joshua ‘Jebb’ is a YouTube blogger and his account is known as Jeeb TVVids. Joshua became famous for posting pop culture-related videos on his YouTube account and posted his first video in November 2103. He grew his online presence with the help of his brother, Matty B and they usually do collaboration videos.

Matty B Net Worth

He is not just naturally talented and sings passionately but also works hard added to his school work. He has gained such popularity that brings him cool money and has made a net worth that runs into millions, estimated at $1.5 million. His earnings come mostly from concerts, music sales and posting sponsored content.

Matty’s Height, Girlfriend

People get interested in one’s relationship status once they become popular. Matty’s case is no exception as many would like to know who the star is hooked up with. He appears with different girls on his video posts and many assumptions might have been made of who he is dating. One of such is a rumour that he is with Jojo Siwa, who he did a video with. Notwithstanding, he’s still a ‘child’ and he is single and would rather concentrate on his dreams. This does not negate the fact that he would pursue a relationship in the future.

Matty stands at a height of 5’3″.

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