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The drama between Maureen McPhilmy and her ex-husband, disgraced Fox host Bill O’Reilly seems to be unending as more details and twists about their divorce unfold every now and then. The domestic abuse allegations against O’Reilly, his habit of sexually abusing his co-workers and McPhilmy’s alleged extramarital affair have all been major talking points in the divorce which went through in 2011.

All of these have contributed to thrusting McPhilmy more into the limelight with many Americans eager to know more about her life. Follow us as we attempt to reveal facts about O’Reilly’s ex-wife, and whom she is now married to.

Maureen McPhilmy Bio

Maureen E. McPhilmy was born on 11 May 1966, in the United States of America. Not much is known about McPhilmy’s early life, upbringing, and educational background. However, it is a known fact that she works as a Public Relations executive.

Maureen McPhilmy Married/Husband

McPhilmy met famous conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly in 1992 and after four years of dating, they got married on November 2, 1996, in St. Brigid Parish of Westbury, New York. Their marriage produced two kids, a daughter, named Madeline who was born in 1998 and a son named Spencer born in 2003.


The couple lived happily (or did they?) until 2008 when their marriage began to suffer as a result of O’Reilly’s habit of sexually harassing his co-workers. One has to think that their marriage had lost the spice even before then, as O’Reilly began settling sexual harassment suits from 2004 – at least that’s the date available to the media, the former O’Reilly Factor host might have been harassing women behind McPhilmy’s back long before then…

McPhilmy’s reason for filing for divorce included infidelity, domestic and emotional abuse. However, O’Reilly didn’t go down without a fight. Ensuing their divorce was a nasty court custody battle where McPhilmy alleged that O’Reilly once grabbed her by the neck and dragged her down the stairs after she caught him half-naked having phone sex.

Their daughter confirmed to a forensic examiner that she had witnessed her dad grab the mom by the neck and drag her down the stairs. O’Reilly outrightly denied the accusations calling it 100% false. Notwithstanding McPhilmy won sole custody of their two kids.

Maureen McPhilmy Relationship with Jeffrey Gross

Maureen McPhilmy’s relationship with Jeffrey Gross has been a controversial one. After separating from O’Reilly in 2010, McPhilmy began dating Gross who is a Nassau County Police detective.


Thier relationship apparently angered O’Reilly who allegedly launched an investigation into Gross and also filled a lawsuit against McPhilmy, alleging that she tricked him into accepting a consensual divorce so she could use the divorce payout to fund her extramarital affair with detective Jeffrey Gross whom she is now married to.

O’Reilly even went as far as using his powers in the Catholic church to ban his wife of 15 years from receiving communion. According to reports, he allegedly told the church that his ex-wife was receiving communion which isn’t right since she was divorced and remarried and even told their kids that her second marriage was right in the eyes of God. Consequentially, McPhilly received a reprimand from the church.


In the midst of all the drama, McPhilmy’s second husband Jeff Gross has remained silent. Gross who has been described by sources as a good cop is a widower. His first wife Kathleen McBride lost her life to cervical cancer in 2006. She was 41 years old.

McBride and Gross had two kids together. The kids, as of 2016, were said to be in their teenage years. Gross’ late wife was a model and actress. Some of her film credits include 1988 film Cocktail which starred Tom Cruise. McBride only had a small part in the movie.

McPhilmy and Gross are now living a happily married life as they raise their 4 blended kids together.

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