Meet Heather Sanders – Kylie Jenner’s Other Girlfriend: All You Need To Know

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American socialite Kylie Jenner now has a new BFF ever since she and her former BFF Jordyn Woods got into a fight and quarreled. The self-made billionaire’s new best friend, Heather Sanders, is our cynosure in this article.

Heather and Kylie now share a bond that Kylie describes as “inseparable”. Before the two girls became best of friends, Heather used to be a best friend to American model, and it was with Chyna that the media and public started taking note of her. But asides from her being best friends to other celebrities, there is more about Heather Sanders we’ll be sharing on this article.

Heather Sanders Biography

Heather Sanders was born in Dallas, Texas, United States, on February 2, 1990. She is a fashion designer, entrepreneur and YouTuber. It is not clear when exactly, but the young lady moved to Los Angeles a couple of years back, to seek a better career opportunity for herself. She has managed to make a good livelihood for herself and her career so far can be termed a success. She owns an online clothing store called Sorella Boutique. Her store is also physically located at Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles.

All You Need to Know about Kylie Jenner’s Other Girlfriend

1. She is Engaged to King Trell

Heather Sanders is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, King Trell, the right-hand man and best friend of American rap artist . Trell is a California-born businessman, rapper and reality TV personality. Two of his famous songs are Get Out of My Face and Vice City Remix. King Trell has three kids, two of whom he has with Heather Sanders and one from his past relationship. He and Sanders’ kids are daughter Zoe Skye born in October 2015, and son Zane Supreme born in March 2018.

2. She Used to be Blac Chyna’s Best Friend

When Heather Sanders began to be featured by the media, it was mostly due to her friendship to Blac Chyna. Heather and Chyna became friends back when the former stripper and Tyga were dating. Since the pair’s boyfriends were best friends, Heather and Chyna became very close and were seen together a lot. Things, however, began to fall apart after Tyga and Chyna broke up.

Soon after, Tyga started dating who had a bad relationship with Chyna. Tyga’s relationship with Kylie brought Heather closer to Kylie and their friendship irritated Chyna, who then ended her friendship with Heather for continuously hanging out with her supposed enemy.

3. She is Kylie Jenner’s New Best Friend

Following the end of Kylie Jenner’s friendship with her former BFF Jordyn Woods, Kylie started hanging out more often with Heather Sanders, and Heather has now been tagged as Kylie’s latest BFF by the media and Kylie herself.

It started to feel impossible for Kylie to keep Jordyn Woods around following Jordyn’s hook up with , Kylie’s sister’s boyfriend. Kylie couldn’t handle the cheating scandal and it made her friendship with Jordyn fall apart. Fans of the two ladies kept hoping they were going to makeup but Kylie made up her mind to let go and move on. Kylie and Heather became even closer afterwards and Heather seems to have replaced Jordyn in Kylie’s life as her new best friend.

4. Heather Sanders is a CEO

Heather Sanders is a businesswoman and a designer of her own fashion line. She is the CEO of a store and an online boutique called Sorella Boutique, which she co-founded with Britney Turner. Heather and Britney founded the boutique in 2012 as an online-only store, back when Heather was 22 years old. They started operating from their apartment in Los Angeles with a capital of $5,000 and had only ten products in the store. They have since expanded their business from being an online-only to setting up shop at Melrose Ave, Los Angeles. Their company is now a multi-million dollar company. Very impressive coming from two ladies who do not have a firm business background.


5. She and Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy

One of the things that made Heather and Kylie look fated together was the fact that they were both pregnant at the same period and had similar due dates. During the time Heather was pregnant with Zane, Kylie was pregnant with Stormi. The pregnant friends shared a lot of pictures of their pregnancy together on social media. Kylie gave birth to Stormi in February 2018 and Heather delivered Zane a month later.

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