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If you ever get into any kind of trouble and you’re charged to court, Mercedes Colwin is the kind of attorney you’ll want representing you for the trial. The problem is that you may not be able to afford her. The popular defence attorney has built an elite clientele that includes everyone from politicians to huge Fortune 500 brands.

The New York-trained attorney is known for her style of being outspoken, direct and working with truckloads of confidence. Naturally, this sometimes puts her in hot water. She is known for once serving in the New York State Division of Human Rights as an Administrative Law Judge. Here is everything we could find on the attorney.

Who is Mercedes Colwin and How Old is She?

She was born in New York on October 26. Her year of birth remains unknown. Colwin has also decided to keep the details of her growing years a secret. As a result, the earliest academic record we have of Mercedes Colwin has to do with her college education. She attended New York University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Language. Mercedes subsequently studied at Brooklyn Law School and graduated with a Juris Doctor degree. The exact timeline of her stay in these institutions is unclear.

After her educational phase, she landed her first job in 1996 which turned out to be a really prestigious one. She was appointed by the then Governor of New York, George Pataki to serve as an Administrative Law Judge for the New York State Division of Human Rights. She meted out her responsibilities in this role for nine long years.

During this time, she also a partner at a New York City regional law firm. This period of her career saw Colwin preside over more than two thousand cases under the categories of federal laws and state discrimination.

Throughout her career, the attorney has shown a preference for defense cases and has successfully tried more multiple cases spread across multiple jurisdictions in the country. Mercedes Colwin is also known for standing in as defense attorney for several executives of Fortune 500 companies. She defends them against wrongful accusations such as sexual misconduct as well as other misdemeanour allegations.

In 2005, Colwin became a managing partner at Gordon & Rees law firm where she worked out of their New York Office. Part of her responsibilities as a partner included a myriad of litigation types including employment law, criminal law, class actions, civil rights violations, products liability, commercial litigation and more.

In 2017, during one of her regular appearances on Fox Network, Colwin made some statements concerning sexual assault victims on The Sean Hannity Show that didn’t go down well with a lot of people. Consequently, she made a public apology and also stepped down from her role as managing partner at Gordon & Rees.

Mercedes Colwin has an enviable track record, career-wise. Her accomplishments have seen her receive a slew of recognition and awards. These include Notre Dame Law School’s “Graciela Olivarez Award” and the “New York Rising Young Star Under 40” Award presented to her by Long Island Business News. She was also named on the list of “6 Most Influential Women in America” by Forbes Business American Airlines.

In the course of her career, she has also become a member of several legal institutions. These include The Council on Litigation Management, The Defense Research Institute, The New York State Bar Association, and The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel.

Colwin’s non-legal efforts shine the light in her philanthropic side. She is a known supporter of many charitable organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association which she has also helped raise funds for. She is also a strong advocate against anti-semitic views and practices.

Family Facts – Husband

Mercedes Colwin was born into a large family. She is one of six children born to her parents. The identities of her family members are not known. However, her father was Jewish and her mother is Hispanic. Her father passed away when she was still very young. She also suffered the loss of one of her brothers, Arthur, sometime in 2009.

Colwin is apparently married to the man of her dreams – a visit to her social media pages will confirm this. The lawyer frequently gushes about her family online. However, besides identifying her husband as a man named Hans, nothing else is known about him. The couple also has a daughter together.



Not to say that Mercedes Colwin is a giant, but she is tall for a woman. Based on visual evidence alone, it seems she would stand taller than many of her female colleagues. However, her exact height and other body measurements are not known.

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