Michael Snoddy – Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Facts About Paris Jackson’s Ex

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When news broke that new catch is a drummer who’s still not in the mainstream with his career, speculations went rife that he is a gold digger. Considering the fact that Paris was born into luxury, as one of the late pop king ‘s offsprings, the reasons for these rumors are not farfetched. That notwithstanding, Michael Snoddy has been described as a hardworking young man by people close to him.

He is part of the percussion band Street Drum Corps, among other career achievements. Below is everything you need to know about Michael Snoddy, Paris Jackson’s ex.

Michael Snoddy – Bio, Age

In the United Staes of America and on February 25, 1996, Michael Snoddy was born to undisclosed parents. His early life and family background are not known. It is also not known if he attended any formal school and how far he was able to go with his education.

One thing that is clear about Snoddy though is that he is passionate about the heavy metal musical genre. Little wonder he chose to join the Street Drum Corps. Before then, he used to play with buckets (as drums) on the streets as a kid just to make ends meet. He now performs with the L.A-based percussion ensemble as a heavy metal drummer. Street Drum Corps is a popular heavy metal energy, drum, and percussion band which started in 2004 in Los Angeles. The punk rock band has achieved a lot in the music industry by going on tours and putting up great shows at art centers, festivals, among other similar places.

His passion for heavy metal led him to get a tattoo that depicts a confederate flag as a tribute to the Pantera album Cowboys From Hell, released in 1990.

Net Worth

As of the last time of updating this article, Michael Snoddy has not had any record of an estimated net worth. This may have something to do with the fact that his career is still on its budding stage. On the other hand, his super-rich ex is a multimillionaire. Born with a silver spoon, Paris and her siblings reportedly get eye-popping allotments every year from their late father’s (Michael Jackson) estate. This also comes with additional inheritance payments which are scheduled to flow into their accounts as they grow up. Paris personally gets an annual allowance estimated to be around $8 million, her net worth is estimated at $100 million.

His Split From Paris Jackson

They started their relationship during the spring of 2016, raising a slew of eyebrows and at the same time, garnering a massive fanbase. Most of their fans wanted to know more about Snoddy, considering he was dating Michael Jackson’s only daughter, it’s not much of a surprise. Reports have it that they met and got talking at an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting.

Despite the controversies that followed their love affair, Michael Snoddy and Paris had the best time of their lives while their union lasted. They spent time together a lot and went on romantic vacations to different places including Jackson’s former home “Neverland Ranch”. There was no doubt the two were happy together and very much smitten with themselves, going by the pictures they splattered all over Instagram. Thus, it came as a shock when they pulled the plug on their relationship.

So far, both former lovebirds have not shared any information about the reason behind their split. It is however assumed that Paris needed the space to focus more on her career as a model, actress, and activist.

Facts About Michael Snoddy

1. He had his confederation flag tattoo covered up because it caused an uproar and got him accused of racism.

2. Snoddy set up his drum kit at a mini-museum where Michael Jackson used to practice his iconic dance moves on the Jackson family home.

3. He is often mistaken for a punk, mostly because of his looks and hairstyle. However, Snoddy has often proved he’s hardworking and not out to exploit rich young girls like Paris.

4. Michael Snodder boasts 22.5k followers on Instagram where he shares pictures of his performances and personal life with his fans. On Twitter, he has a little over a thousand followers, as of April 2019.

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