Mikaela Long Biography and Family Life of The YouTube Comedian

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Mikaela Long is admired for her comedy and makeup videos on YouTube. As at the time of this writing, the social media star has gathered over 137,000 followers on Instagram and is always uploading beautiful pictures of herself on the platform.

On YouTube, she has no fewer than 504,000 subscribers and 667 posts. Lady Long was super famous on the now defunct 6-second video app – Vine. She had 1.3 million followers and even won the Shorty Award for Best Vine Comedian in 2016.

Mikaela Long’s Biography

Long was born an American on April 29, 1994. She is 1.60 m in height and is most celebrated as a YouTube star. Mikaela’s fame has been traced to when liked one of her Vines. Jenna is equally a YouTube star with over 18 million subscribers on the platform. As it happened, liking Long’s Vine caught the attention of Jeffery Cyrus, another YouTube star, who revined (reposted) Mikaela’s video. It didn’t end at that as other popular celebrities like and also revined one of her videos.

Of course, the sharing of her content by famous individuals went a long way to earn her more attention. It made her more popular than she was and got her more than 1.3 million followers before Vine decided to stop users from making new uploads. Even though the decision to shut down the platform was an unfortunate development for Long, the sharing of her content by established celebrities made it easy for her to transfer her popularity to both YouTube and Instagram.

On her YouTube channel, Mikaela Long uploads primarily makeup and beauty videos. As she has a way of making the videos entertaining, interesting, and funny, people started regarding her as a comedian. The cyber celebrity is equally an actress. She has appeared in a few TV movies and series. For instance, she featured as April in 2016’s FML and also had a part in the TV mini-series Camp Unplug. In 2017, she played a role in the crime documentary TV series Deadly Sins as Cheryl Chuplis.

Family Life Of The YouTube Comedian

Long’s family consists of her mum, stepdad, grandmother, and dog. She probably has siblings, but this is the information she is comfortable releasing to the public for now. Her mother was a model and had once posed for Playboy. Long looks a great deal like her mom with the same green eyes and blond hair.

A good number of her videos featured her family and those featuring her mother are some of her most popular Vines. While there are reasons to believe that there’s more to her family life than what she has shown the world through her videos, we just have to check our curiosity and respect her privacy.

Long is unmarried and inasmuch as her fans would love to know about her love life, it is difficult to tell if she’s in any relationship as she does a good job in keeping her personal life private. But to the best of our knowledge, the internet celebrity is not dating anyone at the moment and no, she is not gay. She just wants to focus on her career for now.

Once, Long babysat her niece and caught her sleeping in a downward position (on her head with her legs hanging in the air) on the baby monitor. Freaked out, she took and shared a photo from the monitor with her Twitter followers. Confused, she considered calling an exorcist before calling her niece’s parents. Interestingly, the girl’s mum would later tell that the baby was just “settling down and getting comfortable”. According to her, the lad has “been quite acrobatic lately.”


Other Facts To Know About Mikaela

1. Long is just a beautiful woman who loves animals and jokes; iced tea with Margherita pizza.

2. From her Instagram page, it’s obvious she loves posting pictures of herself and nature. Pictures of leaves and flowers, trees, and shots of the sky grace her page.

3. She hates smoking and negative attitude.

4. Mikaela Long once confessed that if given the opportunity to invite just three persons to a dinner, they would be Jenna Marbles, Kylie Jenner, and Logan Lerman. This is very understandable as they are very instrumental to the fame she enjoys.

5. You don’t need to be told that she enjoys making funny but intelligent videos, do you?

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