Monifah Shelton – Biography, Did She Commit Suicide, Is She Really Dead?

Quick Facts of Monifah Shelton

Net WorthNot Known
SalaryNot Known
HeightNot Known
Date of Birth15 September, 1998

The name Monifah Shelton is one that came to be famous after the mysterious death of her best friend Kenneka Jenkins who was nineteen when she was found dead at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel. Regardless of the work that the police had put in to prove that there was nothing unusual in the death of the young woman, it didn’t help to suppress the circulation of conspiracy theories surrounding her death and disappearance.

Monifah Shelton comes into this story for her attempts at finding her best friend. Most of the search she conducted was by creating awareness of the disappearance by posting on the social media platform, Facebook, praying and hoping for her friend’s return who was initially thought to be missing.

Most of the news about the incident has mostly revolved around Kenneka Jenkins, rightfully so, as she was the one who lost her life. But a person is no one without the people in their lives and from Shelton’s posts it is clear that she and Jenkins had a great relationship, but there are also pointers to the fact that she may have been involved in her friend’s death. To know about Monifah keep reading.

Monifah Shelton’s Biography 

Shelton was born on the 15th of September in 1998 and at the time she became a known personality she lived in the city of Chicago. As a result of the way she came to fame not a lot is known about her or her family. It is common knowledge that she worked at McDonald’s, a job she had for a year prior to the event that occurred in 2017.

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On the 8th of September 2017, seven days to Shelton’s birthday was the day tragedy struck. Kenneka Jenkins, Irene Roberts, and Monifah Shelton decided to go out; their destination was a party at Crowne Plaza O’Hare where Roberts happened to work. At around 4 AM, one member of the party was missing and it was Jenkins who also goes by the surname Martins. After searching for her extensively the other two decided to call her mother, Teresa Martins, and tell her about being unable to find Kenneka.

This led to Teresa rush to the hotel; she got there by 5 AM and pleaded with the hotel staff to show her the surveillance tapes. The hotel could not do this and insisted that in the absence of a missing person’s report from the police they will not be able to look through the tapes and figure out what had happened to Teresa’s daughter.

Thus began the struggle to get one from the police, they, on the other hand, insisted that she had not been missing for that long to issue one. By the time they finally budged it was already too late and Kenneka Martins was long dead. The tapes revealed that she had found her way into a freezer although clearly not in control of her senses. This was where she died of hypothermia, her dead body was discovered on the 10th, two days after she was last seen alive.

Before the corpse was found, Monifah Shelton had flooded her Facebook page with announcements of her missing friend and had pleaded with the public to assist with the search. Upon the discovery of the body, Shelton expressed the grief she was feeling via her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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Did She Commit Suicide?

In the wake of Kenneka Martin’s death, a number of theories sprang up. A lot of people believed she was the victim of organ harvesters and some said her friends may have had a hand in her death. All of these theories were debunked by the police. Her mother also filed a suit against the hotel, the security company the hotel uses, and the restaurant that was renting the freezer. She sued them for $50 million, and the grounds of her suit are negligence. Contrary to some false reports, Monifah Shelton did not commit suicide.

Is Monifah Shelton Really Dead?

After Kenneka was found, a website was created announcing the death of Monifah Shelton; the website broadcast the information that she had taken her life. Further investigation shows that the website was only created as clickbait to drive traffic and Shelton is really not dead. Since the event has happened little to nothing has been heard about Shelton.

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