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Popularly referred to as the Monster, Naoya Inoue brings simplicity and elegance to the ring. He is a Japanese professional boxer who after sixteen fights, still remains unbeaten. A three-weight world champion, Naoya may be very simple in his fights, but he is popular for his brutal attacks and powerful punches. Here is all to know about him.

Naoya Inoue’s Biography

It was in Zama, in Kanagawa Prefecture that Naoya Inoue was born on 10 April 1993. While there is very little that is known about his personal life and how he was brought up, it is known that the Japanese boxer was brought up alongside a younger brother who is also a boxer.

As a little kid growing up, Naoya played a little soccer, but it was boxing that he would find himself returning to. This is very easy to understand as his father was himself a boxer. As the years moved on, Shingo Inoue became the inspiration and trainer of his sons, Naoya and his younger brother Takuma Inoue.

Having started fighting since he was very young, Naoya Inoue won the 2009 Japanese Junior National Championships as well as the Japanese Interscholastic Athletic Meeting. By the end of his amateur career in 2011, the Japanese boxer had already recorded 75 wins and only 6 losses. In the process, he took home the gold medal at the 21st President’s Cup in Indonesia among other titles.

He began his professional career in 2012 when he signed to Ohashi Boxing Gym. In that same year, he had his debut fight against Crison Omayao who was at the time, Filipino national champion. He won the fight by knockout in the fourth round.

In his fourth fight in 2013, he defeated Ryoichi Taguchi in a unanimous decision to win the Japanese light-flyweight title. In that same year, he defeated Jerson Mancio to win the OPBF light-flyweight title. In 2014, he won a number of other titles including the WBO junior-bantamweight title which he would defend successfully seven times by 2017. In 2018, he took home the WBA (Regular) bantamweight title.

With 16 career fights to his name, Naoya Inoue has won all the fights with neither a draw nor a loss. Interestingly enough, only 2 of the fights were won by decision while the remaining were all by knockout.

His Family

As indicated, there is not so much that is known about the family of the Monster. However, we know that he has a younger sister, Haruka Sesa and a younger brother Takuma Inoue. Both his parents have been influential in his life, but as a boxer, the center stage is taken by his father, Shingo Inoue, who has trained him in the sport.

Even though the senior Inoue did not go professional, he was still known as a very good boxer in his days as an amateur. Nonetheless, he has still been able to get his son to not only rise to become a professional boxer, but one of the best in Japan.

One of the most interesting things about the boxer is that even though he is very popular, he has still managed to maintain a private life. The world title holder got married in December 2015. Inasmuch as the name of the boxer’s wife is not known, it is known that the two have been together since they were both in high school and it was since then that they started dating.

Shortly after getting married, Naoya Inoue revealed that he hoped to have three children with his wife, although he wasn’t sure if he was going to allow them to be boxers.


Height, Weight, and Body Stats

A boxer with powerful hands and brutal blows, Monster has a name that is way bigger than his size. Even as he has an athletic build, he is neither the tallest man that any ring would see or even the most built. In numbers, he stands at a height of ‎1.65 m (5 feet 5 inches) and weighs 118 lb.

Naoya has a reach of 67.3 Inches (171 cm) but his general body stats have not been provided.

Other Facts About Naoya Inoue

1. When he signed his deal with Ohashi he demanded that he would not fight easy opponents.

2. Like most people in his home country, Monster does not belong to any serious religion.

3. The boxer is a strong fan of Disneyland.

4. Inasmuch as he has been with the woman he is now married to for a very long time, only people that are very close to him know her.

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