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Ned Rocknroll was born on 1st January 1978 in the United Kingdom, his name from birth is Edward Abel Smith but he had to change it later in 2008 as a result of exigencies of stardom. He is best known as the third husband to serial Academy Award-winning actress Kate Winslet. He is also the nephew of famous businessman Sir Richard Branson.

Ned was born to parents Lindy Branson and Robert Abel Smith. His parents were unfortunately divorced when he was just a toddler. His mother won the custody battle and raised him with the help of her second husband, his stepfather Robin Brockway, in a part of South-West London called Parsons Green along with his four older brothers.

Ned works as the Head of Marketing Promotion and the Astronaut Experience at a spaceflight company known as Virgin Galactic. The company owned by his uncle Richard Branson is focused on developing commercial spacecraft to take customers into space.

When Ned decided to get married to Kate, he became a stay at home husband in an effort to support his wife’s career and to take care of the kids. One of the advantages of Ned’s decision to stay at home was that he was able to renovate their $4 million property. Kate has always spoken highly of her husband, she often mentions him during her interviews, saying how incredibly supportive he has been to her career and personal life.

Ned Rocknroll has been a model citizen all his life but in 2016, he was subjected to controversy when compromising pictures of him taken a couple of years back resurfaced on the internet and was published by an American media outlet. The pictures where originally shared by his friend on Facebook but were immediately taken down as a court granted his appeal to ban the publishing of the picture in January of 2013.

Ned Rocknroll’s Net Worth

Ned gains maximum job satisfaction as well as a wonderful fortune from his advertising and promotion job. Being the Nephew of the CEO, it is fair to say the lad enjoys his fair share of privileges and as a result is on a very lucrative salary which leads to a calculated estimated net worth of about $25 million.

Family, Relationship With Kate Winslet

As earlier stated Ned was raised by his mother, Lindy Branson, and his stepfather Robin Brockway. His parents came to an amicable split while he was still a toddler. He is far from being an only child as he is the fourth and last child of his parents, he insists that there is a strong bond between him and his siblings.

Ned is married to popular actress Kate Winslet although that’s not his first marriage. He previously married socialite Eliza Pearson who is the eldest daughter of Sussex Landowner Viscount Cowdray. The wedding was an outdoor pagan-style in the Caribbean’s in August of 2009. Their marriage only lasted for two years as the lovebirds split in April 2011 and filed for divorce two months later.

Ned and Kate became the center of attention when an eagled-eyed photographer spotted the couple together in late September and around the period when his divorce to his ex-wife was being finalized.

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Ned Rocknroll and Kate Winslet’s romantic involvement started during one of Kates visit to Richard Branson’s private Islands in the Caribbeans (Necker Islands) in 2011. During her stay, on August 22, 2011, a fire broke out with Ned’s 90-year-old grandmother trapped in the ensuing inferno. Somehow, Kate rescued her and later extended her stay on the island, this was the beginning of their romance.

They dated for a couple more years before he tied the knot with her in December of 2012. Although their parents did not attend the wedding, some famous names did attend, most notably , which made the event a glittery affair. The couple, soon after their marriage, welcomed their first child, a boy named Bear Blaze in 2013.

Kate Winslet’s marriage to Ned is her third. In 1998, she married producer Jim Threapleton, a union that lasted three years. She remarried, this time to Oscar-winning producer Sam Mendes in 2003 but it came crashing in 2011.

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