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Obviously, there are many celebrities, even younger ones that have spent more time than Neil Flynn in the entertainment Industry. Nevertheless, he is one of those that have chewed their onions rightly.

Although an actor and a comedian, Neil’s life has not been as loud as you would think, even though it is interesting. That is if you don’t consider the excitement he causes sometimes as loud enough.

His popularity in sweetly acting the cop in movies and the quirky dad are two things that separate Flynn from many other actors.

A handful of people know him before the Scrubs, but for a majority of us, that was his breaking from the mud house into the glass house of the movie industry. This wasn’t all because of his acting which was still close to perfect, but also because of his wits and strength of the humor in his lines.

Surprisingly enough, or not so, the actor auditioned for Dr. Cox in the Scrubs, only to end up playing the guest role of a janitor. The impact was good enough to have him remain as a permanent member of the cast.

Can we get the surprises a notch higher? Most of his lines in The Scrub were ad-libbed. That means he came up with them right during shooting from his head. Are you wondering how come he got them that good?

Flynn is a strong member of the popular improvisation group Beer, Shark, Mice. The group which has been described as being behind some of the ever has other members to include Mike Coleman, Patrick Finn, Peter Hulne, David Koechner, Patrick McCartney, and of course, Flynn.

Neil Flynn Age/Bio

Born on November 13, 1960, in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, Flynn’s age 56 as of 2017. He was raised in Waukegan, Illinois and attended the Waukegan East High School in 1978.

As it is, his journey into becoming the well-known funny man that he is, began since he was young. When he was in Waukegan East High School in 1979, he won the Illinois Individual Events state championship for Humorous Duet Acting along with Mike Shklair. Although this wasn’t the world, it accurately told of things to come.

After graduating from Bradley University in Peoria in 1982, Flynn returned to his first love and where he was born, Chicago and began working with Goodman and Steppenwolf Theatres, and that was how he kicked off into acting in 1986.

In that year, he appeared in the movie, ‘The Ballad of the Sad Café’ and gave a display that would get him a Joseph Jefferson Award nomination.

It was, however, his appearance in Scrubs that brought him to the eyes of the world. Since from then, the man has appeared in various TV shows and movies. Sure, his roles in many have been very little, still, they are as always, very significant and as you can rightly bet, interesting.

Some popular movies and TV series that had the actor include The Middle, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, Vixen, and Nigel and Oscar Vs. The Sasquatch.

Neil Flynn Partner/Married

Apart from some of the casual excitements, as earlier said, Flynn has been a rather very quiet life. Too quite that many things about him still remain unknown.

It is bad enough that for a man his age, the world is still guessing and asking the same question again and again; is Neil Flynn married?

No one can actually tell if he is or not, and whether he has children or not. Because of this, many people have chosen to believe that the actor is gay. The problem for such people is that they can’t still tell who his partner is.


The irony for many of us is that the man has most times been portrayed as a successful husband and father on camera, as such everybody wants a glimpse of how it goes in the real life.

Neil Flynn Net worth

Spending many years as an actor and comedian, Flynn has a net worth of $5 million. Even though there have been some reports that he was listed as one of the top 10 most paid actors of 2017, the call returned fake.

Neil Flynn Height

Neil is 6’5” Tall. That makes him a tall man who is easily spotted even in a crowd.

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