Nicki Minaj’s Real Hair Feet And Nails

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Nicki Minaj is an American professional female rapper and of course a super super star and as such, everything that concerns her is definitely worth sharing. She was born 32 years ago in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago but later moved with to Queens, New York. Her life in the violent streets of queens is what made her choose this provocative genre of music. In fact, she wrote her first rap music when she was just 12 years old. She has stuck with it for two decades, time in which she has kept getting better and better especially with her hot .

However, she is not just good with the microphone on stage, she is also beautiful to behold. When you look at her, you will appreciate and those close to her will always tell you of her inner beauty. It is not a secret that she wears makeups to enhance her beauty. The question is what is her real appearance without the makeups? In this post, we will try to inform you so you know. It is about Nicki Minaj’s real hair, feet and nails.

Nicki Minaj Real Hair

In all occasions when she is on stage or performing, you will always see her with different kinds of hair and this is because she prefers to wear wigs of bright and beautiful colors. I can tell you with high levels of certainty that she is always wearing a wig. At other times, she always has artificial hair on. Nicki has a habit of wearing different hair colors for different occasions and so it is not strange to see her with multi colored wigs. This makes her look a little bit funny, silly and out of this planet. The question remains, what does Nicki’s real hair look like?

After several years of keeping the public guessing, she finally revealed her true hair in 2014. In an Instagram post she uploaded on February 6, 2014, Nicki revealed her natural brown hair which was sleeked back into a high ponytail. For many people (me included) this revelation came as welcome surprise and relief that she was not hiding anything in those wacky hairstyles. As a matter of fact, she looks really hot with her natural hair.

The captioned pictures showed healthy natural, free-flowing hair without perm or extensions. Many people wonder why she chooses to wear wigs and other disguising hairstyles. I think she prefers to matches her hairstyle with the prevailing situation. It is as though she is trying to communicate something with each hairstyle. For instance, she wore a pick wig when she was performing for her song ‘Pink Friday’. According to her, they represent her personality and deliver a message to her audience. It cannot escape your attention that she likes to wear pink. This is because pink is her favorite color.

Nicki Minaj Feet and Nails

Ask anyone and they will tell you Nicki has some of the most beautiful feet and nails you can ever wish for. Her feet match her weight and height. She actually wears shoe size 7 (US units). It is impossible to talk about the feet and leave out the legs. Although she is considered shorter than the average American woman, she has long clean and sexy legs.

Ironically, the girl understands she has some of the best celebrity feet on the planet and she is a strong advocate of the saying ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it’. This is why she has no problem slashing them out whenever an opportunity presents itself. on many occasions, she has posted photos of her feet in isolation just to enable foot lovers to marvel at them. I once came across a website where Nicki Minaj’s feet were voted the best and I bet you can see why.

The feet aside, you almost certainly will be blown off by the girl’s nails. They are extremely beautiful. She knows the best way to make them glaze and glow. On many occasions, she has uploaded her finger and toenails for the world to see and appreciate. Her beauty and fashion adviser must be doing a wonderful job because she always looks her best. She likes to show off real nails but at time they are certainly artificial.

Nicki Minaj is just beautiful. There is no better way to put it. Even though she likes to wear wigs and other interesting hairstyles her natural hair is equally to die for. The long, sleek and healthy brown hair she hides in those wacky hairstyles only proves that she does not wear wigs to hide anything hideous, rather she wears them as a part of her wardrobe for her numerous shows.

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