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has always been on the controversial side, making headlines for the wrong reasons. Interestingly, his marriage to Nydia Stone (Nee Betran) gave rise to more media wranglings. The duo came under fire in 1996 for soliciting for sexual partners through print and online ads. According to The Enquirer at the time, the couple placed the ad on a magazine and website, inviting military, bodybuilders, and jocks to reach out to them through a contact that was linked back to Roger Stone.

Amid all the bad publicity, Nydia Stone and her husband can equally boast of great achievements in the American political sphere. A political consultant, lobbyist, and strategist, Roger Stone has served under prominent Republican politicians including Ronald Reagan, and a lot more during their campaigns. Nydia, on the other hand, is a photographer, former model, and has also worked with politicians like President Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and many others.

Nydia Stone’s Bio, Age

Originally from Cuba, Nydia Stone was born on May 8, 1946, in her home country. She grew up in a comfortable home as her father served as a Cuban diplomat. The family lived in a highbrow part of the country while Nydia went to the best schools. However, the tables later turned when Fidel Castro took over power and established the communist rule. Things became rough for the family, inspiring their move to the United States in 1959. The move changed a lot of things in their lives, especially Nydia who chose to get a job instead of continuing her education.

She worked as a professional model for a few years. While posing for local advertisements and marketing campaigns, Nydia realized she has a burning passion for photography. To explore this new discovery, she spent her savings on a new camera, just to experiment but along the line, she got hooked for life. Eventually, she moved her craft from the front of the camera to behind it, taking up photoshoot jobs for individual, as well as events. Photography assignments for news reporting also became part of her job description as she worked on numerous political campaigns, including President Ronald Reagan’s 1980 election campaign.

Despite her career attainments, it was her marriage to Roger Stone that made her a popular figure. Nydia and her political consultant hubby have been in the news often for different reasons, most of which are contentious.

Her Net Worth

Both Nydia Stone and her husband are yet to make their earnings known to the public. No review has been carried out on their net worth so far but there’s no doubt they are earning handsomely. From her career as a professional model to high profile photography, Nydia has all the potentials of a millionaire.

Nydia Stone’s Daughter

While working in her capacity as a photographer on one of the campaigns organized for Ronald Reagan, Nydia met Roger Stone who would later become her second husband. They were previously married to other people, with Roger being married to Anne Wesche, while Nydia was equally married for a short time when she was still into modeling. Roger’s first marriage began in 1974 and crashed in 1990. Shortly afterward, he met and married Nydia. Their wedding took place in Las Vegas in 1992.

Her past relationships supposedly produced a child or more but nothing has been made public about them except the fact that Nydia is now a grandmother and her grandchildren refer to Roger Stone as Pop-pop. Meanwhile, Nydia is a stepmother to Roger’s daughter Adria Stone.


Following a damning article about the Stones on The National Enquirer in 1996, about placing an ad for sex workers, Roger Stone came out to rubbish the claim. The ad, however, was linked to them through Roger’s email and Nydia’s credit card which paid for it. It also featured raunchy pictures of the couple but Stone dismissed this as photoshopping.

Though he claimed the ad was a frame-up from a disgruntled former employee of his, Roger Stone lost his job as a consultant on Senator Bob Dole’s campaign train because of it. It also took him a decade to come clean about the ad, admitting to The New Yorker that he was the brain behind it. He explained that he had to lie about it at the time because of his grandparents who were still alive.

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