Ottavia Busia – Bio, Age, Daughter, Wiki, All About Anthony Bourdain’s Wife

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The pretty Italian mixed martial artist, Ottavia Busia, gained popularity basically by marrying American celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. Ottavia was doing quite well for herself before taking the walk down the aisle with Bourdain, it made her more popular even though the union was short-lived and ended faster than many had anticipated. Besides her love for mixed martial art which she dabbled into and is quite good at, the passionate Busia also had the privilege to work at several high-end restaurants in different capacities.

Ottavia has been rated to be among the new crop of celebrities who try to keep details of their personal life away from the media. Since she burst onto the scene, there has been a dearth of information on the details of her life before she came to be so well-known. Here is what we know so far.

Biography (Age) of Ottavia Busia 

The names of her parents and their individual occupations are not known, but they welcomed Ottavia on the 11th of July, 1965 in Sardinia Island located in their home country of Italy where she was also raised until the family moved over to the city of Lombardy, Italy. It is not known if she is the only child or if she has siblings.

The dearth of information about Ottavia Busia basically extends to her educational history but considering how she is at the work she does in the various restaurants she has worked with, it is believed that she received some sort of formal education.

Career Timeline

Ottavia Busia initially wanted to be a dentist but she fell in love with an Irish rock band and in her yearning for more of it, she relocated with the band to the United States. Her life changed after this bold step as she had to venture into other daily endeavors to keep up with the bills. In the pursuit of more, Ottavia took up work in different restaurants in order to make enough cash for upkeep.

She made progress over the years in the restaurant business that took her to the popular Geisha restaurant in New York where she saw herself rise to the position of the General Manager. It was while performing her duties at Geisha restaurant that she met .

Veering away from her path in the restaurant business, Ottavia started practicing mixed martial arts as a way to check her weight after the birth of her daughter Ariane in 2007. However, after acquiring some knowledge thereof, she began to grow a huge interest in the routines. According to her, after her self-defense classes, she got hooked to MMA and from there, the desire for more grew and she, of course, gave in to the urge and went for further classes in Brazilian jujitsu.

Her Marriage to Anthony Bourdain

Busia’s romantic life took a new turn during her time at the popular Geisha hotel where she became close friends with Geisha consulting consultant, Eric Ripert, who happened to be a good friend of Anthony Bourdain. It was Ripert who introduced the two after Anthony’s first marriage to packed up. Ottavia and Anthony took to each other almost immediately and began dating.

It was collected that their first date was at a cigar bar where they had a good time together. They became so attached to each other that they went ahead to get matching chef tattoos. Their relationship eventually culminated into a marriage that took place in a small ceremony on the 20th day of April 2007. Just a few months after, they welcomed their only child together; a daughter they named Ariane.

After some lovely 9 years together, Ottavia Busia could not cope with the tight schedules of Anthony which kept him away from home for long stretches of time. In 2016, both decided to call it quits and separated. But before their divorce proceeding was finalized, Anthony Bourdain died in 2018.


Ottavia Busia’s Daughter

The only close relative that is known in Ottavia Busia’s life apart from Bourdain is her daughter, Ariane Bourdain. She’s a product of Ottavia’s union with Bourdain and the only child of Ottavia who never fails to show off her dear daughter via her social media accounts.

Ariane Bourdain was born in 2007 shortly after Ottavia tied the knot with Bourdain and she lives with her mother in New York. The young Ariane has shown a good dose of interest in music which she is being trained for since her younger years. Ottavia often posts videos of Ariane’s performance at concerts to show how good she is.

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