Owen McDonnell – 6 Things To Know About The Killing Eve Actor

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Owen McDonnell is an actor who is a popular face both in Irish films and British films. His breakthrough role was playing Sergeant Jack Driscoll in the sitcom Single Handed and he is also known for playing Nico Polastri in the 2018 TV series Killing Eve.

Over the years, his career progress has been praised and he has attracted a lot of recognition worldwide. However, fans itch to more about the private life of the film star. Is the charming actor married? Who is this lady? What is their love story? Find out all about this and more in the six facts listed below.

Who Is Owen McDonnell?

Owen McDonnell is an Irish actor whose acting has left a mark on the entertainment industry. Information about his date of birth is not revealed but it is known that he was born in 1974 at Galway in Ireland.

The actor has chosen to keep most information about his early life away from the media but it is known that the actor did a lot of stage work in both the United Kingdom and Ireland before he got his big break.

6 Things To Know About Owen McDonnell – The Killing Eve Actor

1. Owen McDonnell Schooled In London

It is common knowledge that Owen schooled at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Owen had fallen in love with London during his school days there and decided to remain in the city after his studies. His choice later proved to be the right decision as it helped launch him into his dream career.

2. He Started His Acting Career As A Stage Actor

It is interesting to note that the actor did not start off his career with film or TV appearances, rather, he was seen mostly on stage shows, dramas, and theatre performances. Owen was particularly attached to themes that surrounded Politics and Government.

However, as he honed his acting skills, he sought to appear in movies and his debut role came in the 2003 film Conspiracy of Silence which got him nominated for an IFTA Award.

3. Owen Got His Breakthrough In The 2007 Irish Sitcom, Single-Handed

When Owen McDonnel featured as Sergeant Jack Driscoll in the 2007 TV series Single-Handed, he had no idea that it will be his breakthrough role. However, as fate would have it, when the series hit the screens, it was able to garner a lot of attention for Owen who was still an upcoming star. He eventually became a known name with many fans following every move he made from then onwards.

4. Owen McDonnell Is Dating A British lady

As his fame rises, the Irish actor has not attracted attention only to his career life but many fans are curious to know about his love life. Well, Owen McDonnell is in a very serious and romantic relationship with a British girl named Jill. Not much about Owen’s partner’s background has been released to the media apart from the fact that she is a British national although some sources have it that her roots can be traced to Ireland.

Moreso, Owen has never mentioned how he met his lover, but he has over time expressed how much he appreciates her company and the support she has given him since he met her. He continuously talks about how much he respects her making it obvious to many that their relationship might be long term.

Their relationship is also worth admiring as it has not been affected by the need for Owen’s frequent travels due to the nature of his career. The actor acknowledges this fact and says he will try to work on his schedules so that he doesn’t have to be away for long.

5. The Killing Eve Actor Has An Impressive Net Worth

It is not an error to place Owen McDonnell in our minds as a large earner as he is an established actor with an impressive filmography. However, like most aspects of his life, the actor has also kept this information under wraps. He has not shared how much he earns for his film appearances but a source has gone ahead to estimate Owen’s net worth at $11 million but this is yet to be confirmed by the actor.

6. Owen McDonnell Has An Attractive Physique

For a man in his prime, the Irish actor has been able to maintain a very attractive physique. Owen is notable for his height, which has been listed as 5 feet 11 inches, and this carries his moderate weight of about 82 kg. Furthermore, his hazel colored eyes match his dark brown hair perfectly.

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