Paul Abrahamian – Bio, Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Is He Gay?

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There is always one unique feature that distinguishes every star, in the case of the musician, cloth designer, and television personality Paul Abrahamian, his long beard and blatantly emblazoned tattoo are his distinctive features. The bearded star came into contact with popularity when he became part of the Big Brother show for five consecutive seasons from 2016 to 2018. He is the first among the house guest members to make the finals in two contests without emerging as the winner – these were in the 18th and 19th seasons where he was named as the runner up on both occasions. He holds the record as the contestant who has spent the longest time in the house – 191 days.

As a television personality, he appeared on The Bold & the Beautiful, a popular CBS show on the 25th of October 2017. In collaboration with Da’Vonne Rodgers, a former contestant on the Big Brother show, Paul Abrahamian came on board of the series premiere of the CBS game show, Candy Crush. This was featured as part of a special premiere event with ex-Survivors and Big Brother players on set.

Before his stint in Big Brother, he featured as a part of a rock bank popularly called Reviver where he functioned as a guitarist. Paul Abrahamian was on Absolute Punks’ 2013 “New Music” list. Six months earlier, The Beard Mag featured him as a bearded model in one of their publications. Paul is also a clothing designer, his designing skills are apparent in his clothing line known as Dead Skull Apparel. Since he surfaced in the limelight, Paul has won hearts in millions and has remained a favorite of the ladies who follow him on the social media in their numbers.

What Is His Net Worth?

While you will find that the reality TV star has a net worth pegged at $500,000, there are sources that have placed the total value of his wealth at $1 million.

A closer look at his earnings shows that he makes an average of $200,000 annually on his official website Dead Skull Apparel. His 2016 stint on the Big Brother show earned him the sum of $50,000 for emerging as the runner-up, he also earned a similar cash prize for making the same position in the 19th season of Big Brother.

Family and Parents

There is not much to go by in terms of the details of his family life but according to what we can sieve from the records, he was born into a Muslim family and raised in his home town of Tarzana, California. There are no details about his parents and other family members but being born in the US makes Paul Abrahamian an American citizen and he is of mixed ethnicity.

Wife or Girlfriend, Is Paul Abrahamian Gay?

Before joining the houseguests on Big Brother, Paul Abrahamian was having a romantic relationship with Oana Gregory who earns a living as an American-Romanian actress. While their relationship lasted, they shared photos of their good times together on social media. This happened back in 2014 when the American-Romanian actress would post pictures about her lover having a beard.

Later, they started uploading some stuff which pointed to the fact that they were no longer together. Those posts led fans to conclude that their dalliance had come to an end but neither Paul nor Oana came forward to clarify the assumptions, so, we have no way of confirming whether they are still together or not.

Apart from his dalliance with the American-Romanian actress, the reality star’s name was linked to that of his fellow Big Brother contestant Christmas Abbott. The duo really exhibited an unusual level of closeness in the house which caused a lot of speculations among fans who came to the conclusion that Abbot had become Paul’s new lover. But from what is obvious, the reality television star is still visibly single and has no record of any past marriage.


Paul Abrahamian’s name has never been associated with being gay; his sexuality is believed to be straight, especially when his romantic relationship with Oana is taken into consideration. Besides, he is not known to be a supporter of gay rights which is a clear indication that he is not remotely interested in the same-sex relationship.

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