Paulette McNeely – Bio, Family Facts & Relationship With Eddie Murphy

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is a big name in the American entertainment industry and indeed all over the world. He is noted as an American actor, writer, singer, producer, and comedian who has credit for a large number of projects which were most successful. It is therefore given that almost every and anything that has to do with him will get significant media attention. In this regard, his relationship with Paulette McNeely will be our focus in this article.

Paulette, in many ways, is not like some of the other women the ace comedian had a relationship with. She is noted as the shyest of Murphy exes and they dated for a very short time which means a lot of things remain unknown about her, strange isn’t it? Be that as it may, Paulette McNeely has got a lot of people interested in her and this article will shed light on the rarely known things about her.

Early Life and Education 

Paulette McNeely was born many years ago in the United States of America. The exact date she was born as well as her exact birthplace still remain unknown. However, it is known that she was born into an American family and is therefore of American nationality. Another aspect of what still remains unknown about her are details of her family members, who they are, her parents, siblings, and where they are now.

McNeely is believed to have completed her basic education and possibly went to college. However being that she has not admitted and even disclosed what schools she attended, the assumptions are at best the imaginations of a few individuals who have in time past attempted to put together pieces of information that will answer a couple of basic questions as to her background.

Family And Relationship With Eddie Murphy

Before the likes of American fashion model, businesswoman, television personality, designer, and actress Nicole Mitchell Murphy; English singer, actress, author, and television personality (Mel B); American businesswoman, television producer, and personality Tracey Edmonds and Australian actress came to be in the life of Eddie Murphy, Paulette McNeely was the woman he loved dearly albeit for a very short period of time.

The two met and began their relationship sometime in the year 1988. It was at this time and for this reason that the previously unknown Paulette became someone a lot of people got interested in knowing about. However, what brought them together wasn’t one that would last forever as by October 1988, the two were reported to have broken up. Be that as it may, Paulette was already carrying Eddie Murphy’s child.

She gave birth on the 10th of July 1989 to a son who she named Eric Murphy. Eric is the eldest son of the Murphy children. In the same year, he was born, Eddie had another child with Nicole Mitchell who was named Bria Murphy.

Afterwards, nothing much has been heard about Paulette McNeely, where she is now, what she does and whether or not she got into another relationship. In the absence of concrete answers to these questions, one of the assumptions many people have is that she remained mostly single after her short-lived relationship with the veteran comedian and actor.

Other Interesting Facts About Paulette McNeely

Social Media

In an age and time like ours, it will seem almost impossible to see a celebrity who doesn’t have a social media account, at least if not in all of the major platforms, in at least one of them. A lot would have been known about Paulette McNeely had it been she had some presence on social media. As it stands, she does not operate any known account on social media


Though it sounds hard to believe, there are actually no known pictures of Paulette on the internet. Most of the pictures that will come up when you perform a search online for her pictures are mostly those of Eddie Murphy and his other wives. Some reports have it that she has not been photographed while others have it that she has carefully and successfully avoided the media in its entirety to which she has been hugely successful.

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