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While there are many people who have distinguished themselves through their stints as successful YouTube stars, there are also the fast-rising ones. These stars offer unique and creative contents which draw many fans to their channel. Among the fast-rising stars is Poudii, an American YouTube prankster, comedian, vlogger, and social media star. He rose to fame through sharing funny, witty, and creative videos on his self-titled channel.

He began his YouTube career in 2015 and since then, his channel has consistently grown with over a million subscribers. An interesting fact about Poudii is that he has a great sense of humor; he pulls off a prank as a means of a social experiment and in the end, he would leave a meaningful message. In addition, he has equally made lots of collaborations with other YouTube stars like Aden Liban a.k.a. Blackcharcoal, Stephanie and many others. Guess you want to know more about Poudii? Read interesting facts about him below including his bio, family and other facts.

Poudii – Bio

The media star was born in Brooklyn, New York City and his birth occurred on the 16th day of February 1999. Although he has come to be widely known as Poudii, his family name is still not known. He was born into a black-American family and was raised in Brooklyn. He has not spoken much about his parents and family members, hence nothing much is known about them. Poudii holds American nationality and belongs to the black American ethnicity.

Growing up, the media star completed his basic education in Brooklyn. However, the details of the institutions he attended and when he graduated is not known. He developed a keen interest in becoming a comedian right from a very young age and during high school, he played pranks on his friends just for fun but never intended to make a career out of it.

While in college, he also joined a group of friends who rapped and performed comedy sketches. This inspired Poudii to start rapping and writing comedy sketches which have culminated into his YouTube career. When he was 16, he moved to Los Angeles where his YouTube career began in earnest.

Poudii launched his first self-titled YouTube channel in 2015 and afterward, posted his first video which was a public prank in which he tricked people with his weird shopping list. From there, he went on to make more fun-filled videos as well as pranks and challenges. His channel gradually started gaining attention and his popularity continued to rise. He also started collaborating with other YouTube stars including Stephanie and rapper, Aden Liban also known as Blackcharcoal. Through his collaborations, Poudii garnered more fans on his channel and today, he has over a million loyal subscribers.

Poudii’s Family

The YouTuber was born into a black-American family. However, the identity of his parents has remained a mystery to the media as he has never shared any detail about them. It is also not known if he is an only son or if he has other siblings. More so, he has not featured any of his family members in any of his videos. The much we know is that he reportedly left his family house and relocated to Los Angeles in 2017.

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Facts About The YouTube Prankster & Vlogger

Does He have a Girlfriend?

Although Poudii has been outspoken about his career, the same can’t be said of his personal life. The media personality has joined the long list of celebrities who enjoys keeping the details of their personal life away from the public. Poudii has never spoken about his relationship status and has never been linked to any relationship to date. He might have been in a relationship in the past but has decided to keep it under wraps. Apparently, Poudii is believed to be single at the moment. He is currently focused on reaching the zenith of his YouTube career.

Poudii’s Net Worth

Poudii has been enjoying a burgeoning YouTube career, thanks to his eponymous channel where he has over a million subscribers. In addition to fame, the social media personality has equally gained wealth that comes along with it. He is currently living a lavish lifestyle and his net worth is said to be in six digits. However, his exact net worth has not been ascertained at the moment. Although some online sources have placed his net worth within the range of $100, 000 to $1 million, the YouTuber is yet to confirm his true financial worth.


The YouTube star is a very tall and handsome guy with a wonderful personality. He stands at a towering height of 6 feet with commensurate body weight. While his body weight is currently unknown, the details of his body measurements including his chest, biceps, and waist are also not available. Poudii once disclosed that the secret to his great physique is his constant work out at the gym. In addition to his brown eyes, he also has black hair. His other distinctive features include his dreadlocks.

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