Raheem Sterling Kids, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Age, Is He Gay?

Raheem Sterling's Net Worth as of April 2024 is $88.41 Million

Quick Facts of Raheem Sterling

Net Worth$88.41 Million
Salary$13.54 Million per year
Height5 ft 7 in
Date of Birth8 December, 1994
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Raheem Sterling is a football player who began playing football with the Queen’s Park Rangers youth team. He became famous after his move to Liverpool, and he now plays for the English club, Manchester City, and England as an attacking midfielder or a winger. Here are things to know about the young footballer.

Is Raheem Sterling leaving Manchester City?

As of June 2022, footballer Raheem Sterling is ready to leave Manchester City. Chelsea and Real Madrid Fc is weighing up bids for Sterling.

Raheem Sterling Biography, Age

8 December 1994 was the date the attacking midfielder was born in the Jamaican city of Kingston as Raheem Shaquille Sterling. Although he was partly brought up in his native country, he moved to England when he was just five with his mother.

His father who was never present in the early life of the player was murdered even before Raheem was 10. It was, therefore, his mother who raised him up on her own with some support from relatives. He began his education at the Ark Elvin Academy before opting to play football fully.

Raheem Sterling has three siblings – a brother and two sisters. His brother is named Kingston Sterling while his sisters are Kimberley Sterling and Lakima Sterling.

Raheem’s Club Football Career

As pointed out, the English player began his football playing career with Queens Park Rangers in 2003. He remained there until he moved to the club Liverpool in 2010 with which he would gain fame. In 2012, Sterling began his senior career with the club and he recorded 18 goals after 95 caps before he decided he was leaving for Manchester City.

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Although at the time, the deal was one of the most expensive, it didn’t go down well with Brendan Rodgers who gave Sterling his first opportunity with the team just as it did not sit well with the Anfield fans who felt betrayed.

His first game with Manchester was against West Bromwich Albion and City ended as the victors in the game.

He continued having good playtime with the club and by the end of the 2017/2018 season, he had already played 97 games with 31 goals. The fast player has won the English Premier League title and the Football League Cup with City.

In the year 2021, Raheem scored a goal against his former club Liverpool which took him to his 100th goal. In the year 2021, he scored 100th Premier League Goal in a penalty shootout against Wolves. He was also awarded Player of the month.

In a recent interview, Raheem said that he is in a happier place at Manchester City but still refuses to be drawn on whether he will be signing a new contract. He has also mentioned that he will leave the club if he didn’t get more playing time. 

On June 10, 2022, Raheem Sterling signed a new contract with Chelsea FC for $74 million. Manchester City has reportedly turned down an offer worth €25m (£21.4m) plus add-ons from Chelsea for forward Raheem Sterling.

Did Raheem Sterling join the new Club?

Raheem Sterling has joined Chelsea FC as of June 10, 2022. He signed a contract with Chelsea for $74 million.

Raheem’s National Football Career

As regards his running for the English team, he pointed out early enough that if Jamaica calls on him, he will definitely play for the country. Nothing has again been saying about it as he now wears the colors of England for national assignments.

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He played for the country’s under-16, under-17, under-19, and under-21 teams between 2009 and 2013. In 2012, he got the call to play for the senior team and this allowed him to get the honor of representing England at the 2014 FIFA World Cup among other events.

Before the call for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Sterling had already played 37 games for the country, scoring two goals. At the tournament, he played a role in 6 games and provided one assist.

What is the market value of Raheem Sterling?

 According to Transfermarkt, a famous soccer player Raheem Sterling’s market value peaked when it reached 160 million euros in the year 2019. His latest market value is 85 million euros as of the year 2022.

Raheem Sterling’s Girlfriend and Kids – Is He Gay?

You have probably come across people suggesting that the Manchester player is gay. The truth is that such claims have no basis as Raheem Sterling is not gay. He has been in more than just a relationship in the past with women.

His long-time girlfriend is Paige Milian. The two have dated for a very long time and together, they have a son, Thiago Sterling who was born in 2017.

Before having his son, Sterling also had a daughter Melody Rose Sterling who was born in 2012 by his ex, Melissa Clark. For now, the two are the only kids he has.

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Even though he has been together with Milian for a long time, it was only shortly before he left to start preparing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup that the English young player proposed to Paige Milian and she agreed to be his wife.

With that said, it is important to also point out that he has not been with only one woman in his life as even when he was dating his fiancée, he has also had some dealings with other women, but somehow, he always found his way back to Paige Milian.

He was reported to have paid a prostitute for sex in 2017. The news came out after the footballer had a row with the hooker who was only described as a Kim Kardashian look-alike over the payment after the sex.

What was on Sterling’s vest?

Raheem Sterling has stripped iff his jersey to reveal a vest with “Love You Forever Steffie Gregg” printed on it.

Raheem Sterling’s Weight and Height

One thing that football lovers would come to agree with is that Sterling has it when it comes to pace, agility, skills, and overall stamina. That is why he is very important to both England and City.

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Nevertheless, he may not be the tallest man on the field, even when he is always one of the best thereon. He stands at a height of ‎5 feet 6 inches (1.70m) and has a weight of 152 lbs (69 kg).

Raheem Sterling’s Net Worth

It is always great to watch people from the lowliest of places rise in life through hard work and perseverance. That encapsulates the story of Sterling who was raised by a single mother and now starting in 2022 has an estimated net worth of $88 million and his annual salary is $13 million as of 2022. 

He now owns a number of mansions, and cars, and was able to buy a home for his elder sister during her 27th birthday, while also providing for those close to him including his friends and relatives from Jamaica.

Career Earnings:

YearWeekly WageYearly SalaryClubPositionLeagueAgeContract Expiry
2022£200,000£10,400,000Man CityAM RLPremier League2630-06-2023
2021£200,000£10,400,000Manchester CityM/AMPremier League2530-06-2023
2020£200,000£10,400,000Man CityM/AMPremier League2430-06-2023
2019£200,000£10,400,000Manchester CityM/AMPremier League2330-06-2023
2018£150,000£7,800,000Manchester CityM/AMPremier League2230-06-2020
2017£150,000£7,800,000Manchester CityM/AMPremier League2129-06-2020
2016£150,000£7,800,000Manchester CityM/AMPremier League2029-06-2020
2015£33,000£1,716,000LiverpoolM/AMPremier League1929-06-2018
2014£23,000£1,196,000LiverpoolM/AMPremier League1829-06-2018

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