Rain Brown – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Where Is She Now?

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Rain Brown alongside her surreal family rose from obscurity to fame for being part of a show they named Alaskan Bush People, a fictitious scripted reality TV series that have come to receive a lot of backlash for its glaring fakeness. As is always the case with scripted reality TV shows, many just can’t get themselves to believe that what is shown on ABP which airs on the Discovery Channel is FAKE!

Rain Brown happens to be the youngest member of the Brown family and those who have come to terms with the reality of the show can’t help but feel for her, for as tough as she manages to appear on the show, Rain Brown is just your average teenager – her Instagram account is awash with proof.

Rain Brown Bio (Age)

Rain’s birth name is Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown. She was born on the 23rd of November 2002. She was just a regular child growing up with her family until her parents birthed the idea of a reality TV show that brought her to the limelight. Rainy as she is fondly called appeared on the first season of the show in 2014, a time when she was just 12 years old and continues to be part of it.

The baby of the family, Rain Brown, at the start of the show, was seen not engaging in most of the extreme activities like her brothers. As the storyline unfolded a sibling rivalry began between her and one of her brothers Noah Brown who took to social media to call her out for being irresponsible and depending on her parents for everything. Sounds like all part of the script to keep things interesting and from the show’s thumping numbers, it all seemed to be working.

For a people who claim to live in the woods, Rain Brown alongside other members of her family seems to have a lot of time for social media. She runs an active Instagram account where she boasts over 96K followers. On her Instagram bio, Rain Brown describes herself as a dancer, fitness and nutrition teacher and an aspiring motivational speaker.

So far, Rain Brown appears to have utilized Instagram to showcase her motivational speaking side. She is known to frequently use hashtags like #staystrong and #stayhappy in her many motivational write-ups to her fans which she refers to as rainbows. She has boldly documented her struggles with depression on the social media platform and shared tips on how to battle depression.

Parents and Siblings

and Billy Brown are Rain Brown’s parents. Her mother was married to her father when she was just 15 years old against the wish of her own family. Billy at the time was 26 years old and was said to have been previously married to someone else. With his previous wife, he is said to have 3 children all of whom he has long been estranged from.

Findings on Rain Brown family have brought to light that the family’ patriarch Billy Brown comes from money. However, he lost his silver spoon when his parents passed in an accident. He then became a writer and has penned a number of books. Their show ABP is said to be based on one of the books he has written. Rain’s mother Ami was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer with 3% chance of survival, Interestingly, she beat the odds and her cancer was declared to be in remission in 2018.

Claims were that Ami’s health forced the family to relocate from Alaska to a wilderness in Washington. Rain Brown has 6 siblings among them brothers; Matt, Bam Bam, Bear, Gabe, and Noah Brown. She has one sister . All of her siblings are part of the ABP show.

Net Worth

ABP is one of the most successful shows on the Discovery Channel and with high viewership comes more money for the cast including Rain. However, it isn’t clear just how much of the show’s earnings Rain receives. Her mother Ami is said to be worth $500,000.


Where is She Now?

According to their scripted show, Rain Brown and her family now reside in a wilderness in Washington, after their mother’s ill health meant they could no longer stay far deep in Alaska to be near medical care for their mother. In real life, speculations are that the family’s issues with the Alaskan government are the real reason they can no longer film their show in the state. When the cameras are down, Rain and her family are believed to lead normal lives like average Americans.

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