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The process of running a single career is hard enough, so you can barely appreciate the increased difficulty that adding a second line of work brings with it. Still, there are many people around the world who have managed to make it work. Ray Diaz – a model and an actor, belongs in that category of people who have found success in more than one endeavor.

The actor went through a rough time growing up. He would eventually begin a modeling career, making his debut commercial appearance for the elite department store chain, Macy’s. Regardless of his blossoming modeling career, he eventually ventured into acting. He is known for movies and TV series like In Da Cut, East Los High, and Lopez.

Ray Diaz’s Bio

The model cum actor began his life in Key West, Florida, on August 13, 1988. The identity of his parents and the rest of the members of his family are still unknown. All except for the fact that through his parents, he has an older sibling, Lusana Diaz. Nothing more is known about Lusana.

Ray’s modeling career began in New York. In a bid to give his career all the focus it needed, he relocated to Miami at some point in his early days as a model. He met success on his first try, bagging a role on a national commercial for the superstore chain Macy’s. This opened doors for him to show up on commercial sets of a lot of big brands. This period was preceded by him signing to an elite New York modeling agency known as Wilhemina. Aided by the agency’s representation, the model got to work with the likes of Rebook, Harley Davidson, Calvin Klein, Polo, L’Oreal, Cosmopolitan and more.

It was on the sets of these commercials that Ray Diaz began to show an interest in acting. He desired to become more involved in the collaborating parts of these commercials and ended up enrolling for some acting classes on the advice of others. He attended New York’s prestigious The William Esper Studio. The impact from these classes was so evident that he decided to plunge into a full acting career. Ray consequently relocated to Los Angeles and shortly after, got his first acting gig.

He was Matt in the short movie Prophecy in 2011. He followed this up with his first lead role as Trevor on the thriller Stone Markers. All the while he was showing up on his movie sets, he still found the time to continue modeling and did work for companies like Ford, Lexus, Subway, and more.

Next, the actor was in 2013’s In Da Cut. He portrayed Rellz on the independent film. At this point, in order to focus more on the acting part of his career, Ray Diaz signed with Luber Roklin Entertainment agency which gave his acting career a noticeable boost from that point on.

After signing on to the agency, the actor earned his first regular role on a television series. He started to play the lead role of Nicolas Reyes in the drama series East Los High in 2014. His affiliation with the show ended in 2015, having appeared in 24 episodes, boosting his reputation within the industry. The show was produced by Hulu.

In a couple of years that followed, Diaz appeared on a number of projects including movies and made for television projects. He was Victor Garcia in Close Range (2015); Camilo in an episode of Real Husbands of Hollywood (2016); and Agent Tanner in South32 among others.

At the beginning of 2017, he made yet another major move in his career as he secured a role on ‘s comedy series, Lopez. Ray joined the show’s cast in its second season and played the role of Hector. Two years later, in 2019, the actor started portraying Gilbert on the comedy series Sober Coach.

Things You Need To Know About Ray Diaz

The actor may seem successful and positioned nicely but he had to swim a lot of rough waters growing up. For one, the reason his parent’s identity is not known is that the actor spent a lot of time as a child in the foster care system. He was tossed from one foster home to another because, at the time, both of his parents were doing their respective times in prison.

Ray Diaz went through the sadly unsurprising cycle for someone in foster care. He was bullied, pushed around, and constantly taunted in school. He had to change schools a number of times due to his living situation. This made it difficult for him to fit in anywhere and caused him to build a wall around himself.

In his teenage years, Ray started acting out, always getting himself into all kinds of troubles and fighting all the time. The actor would eventually resolve to turn his life around. This decision is what led him to New York and eventually, Los Angeles to make something meaningful out of his life.


Facts About The Actor

1. Besides George Lopez and other actors, Diaz has also worked with internet celebrities like , , and .

2. In his mid-teens, Ray used to try to get into clubs in the Miami beach areas but was always turned down.

3. His favorite actors and biggest sources of inspiration include the likes of , , , and .

4. In 2017, he appeared in a comedy titled When You Mess With the Wrong Girls. He also appeared as Fred in a short comedy adaptation of Scooby Doo Is Back.

5. Ray started making comedy skits and posting them on his Instagram in 2016. It took him just three months to hit the 1 million subscriber mark.

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