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Rebbie Jackson is best known as the first child of the Jackson family whose decades of dominance and prominence in the entertainment industry makes it difficult to forget the talented bunch. From her father to each one of her 9 siblings, one can find a mixture of talents that have been seen on TV and heard all over the world irrespective of the chaos they had going on in their home.

On her own side, Rebbie was not too keen to follow through in the family business as she tied the knot at a young age but as fate may have it, she still left her mark in the music world with her melodious vocals and performing skills. Find below her bio, family details and identity of her husband.

Rebbie Jackson’s Bio (Age)

Rebbie Jackson who is the first child in the popular Jackson family was born with the full name Maureen Reillette Jackson on the 29th day of May 1950. Her place of birth was Gary, Indiana which makes her nationality American while her ethnicity is black.

With regards to her education, records show that she successfully completed her high school education at Theodore Roosevelt High School in 1968 but there is no detail about her college education, that is if she had any. However, in 1974, the young Rebbie started performing with her family in various spots in the City of Las Vegas but unlike the other members of the Jackson family who were focused on making a music career, Rebbie Jackson saw it as a hobby.

Later on, she was eager to make it big as a film star but her singing abilities were praised by the producers of her family show titled The Jacksons and this encouraged her to seek out backup roles with the likes of the R&B group The Emotions, the American singers Sonny Bono and Betty Wright. It is also known that Rebbie Jackson landed jobs as an entertainer in several theatres but her career was put on hold when she got pregnant.

Rebbie Jackson was back to business sometime in 1984 which was also the period she dropped the album “Centipede” which she made with her brother . The album was a huge success and it was just what she needed for her major launch into the music career. Two years later, she released her second album titled “Reaction” which like the first was also a hit as it topped the Billboard for Hot R&B charts at no. 16.

With the success of the two albums, the R&B singer released another album in 1988 titled ” R U Tuff Enuff”‘ which had the song “Plaything”  that ranked 10 on the Hot R&B chart as well as several other songs that she produced in collaboration with other singers. After this album, Rebbie Jackson left the music scene for about a decade but returned with the album “Yours Faithfully” which was produced by Michael Jackson’s music label – MJJ. However, the album failed to hit the previous heights set by her other releases as it received a lot of criticism.

Rebbie Jackson’s Family – Siblings

As mentioned earlier, Rebbie Jackson is the first child of the famous Jackson family which comprised of her parents – Joseph Walter Jackson and Katherine Esther Johnson – as well as her 9 siblings namely: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, La Toya, Brandon, Marlon, Michael, Randy, and . However, Brandon and Michael Jackson – the King of Pop are no more but all her other siblings especially Janet Jackson are icons in the music world. It is also known that her father was made a member of Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame in 2014.

Husband, Kids

At about 18 years of age, Rebbie made it known to her family that she wanted to marry Nathaniel Brown whom she has been dating but to her dismay, her father, Joseph was against the idea as she wanted her to pursue her music career. However, lovestruck Rebbie Jackson did not take no for an answer and finally went through with her marriage plans with Nathaniel.

The R&B star was happily married to Nathaniel Brown till when he lost the battle to cancer on January 6th, 2013. The couple had three children together namely Stacee Brown, Yashi Brown, and Austin Brown. It is also interesting to note that her children inherited her talent and her son, Austin Brown is a popular songwriter and vocalist.

What’s Rebbie Jackson’s Net Worth?

As at the time Rebbie Jackson was active as an entertainer, she alongside her family became a household name in the music industry and in addition to that, they were financially buoyant both collectively and individually. For her own part, a net worth of about $2.5 million is pegged to her name.

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