Robbie Wolfe – Bio, Family, Age, Net Worth, Career On American Pickers

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They say it takes a spark of genius to become a celebrity. For Robbie Wolfe, that spark was a role in the American reality TV show, American Pickers, that got everyone talking about him. He was loved for the way he brought the role home, owned it and made everyone relate to what he was depicting which of course caught the attention of directors and movie lovers at large. 

His ability to handle the role stems majorly from the fact that he is an amazing entrepreneur and the founder of the landscaping business, RJ Wolfe and Sons. He was well established in business even before becoming a popular TV personality. Robbie is a multi-talented fellow. He is not only an entrepreneur but is also a music sensation. The television personality has quite a lot going for him. Here, you will get to know some interesting things about this TV celebrity, entrepreneur, and American musician.

Biography and Age of Robbie Wolfe

Robbie Wolfe was born on the 26th of April, 1960 in Illinois. He spent his childhood enjoying much love from his family. His mother, Rita Wolfe was involved the most in his upbringing. His older brother, Mike Wolfe, and sister, Beth Wolfe also grew up with him in Illinois.

He started his landscaping company, RJ Wolfe and Sons in 1994. With a great entrepreneurial spirit, he grew the company to a big enterprise and made it one of America’s top landscaping businesses. After 25 years of running a profitable business, the company was sold to All Around Town Outdoor Services in March 2019.

Robbie Wolfe’s Family

One thing that has remained as a family culture for Robbie Wolfe is birthday celebrations. There’s always something special that he does on any of his birthdays and that for him is spending time with his family.

The bond between Robbie and his brother, , has always been strong. However, this was further strengthened when the brothers were seen together on American Pickers. They enjoy having fun together. On their social media handles are pictures of the brothers taking long rides through the highways.

Robbie Wolfe is married to Robyn Wolfe whom he had to give up his music career to be with. This is especially because he is rooted in the belief that nothing can come between him and his family. It was a tough call, but he made it still. Robbie and Robyn have four children – Jeremy and Brandon (their sons), Kylie and Reagan (their daughters). They enjoy a fun and lovely family.

His Career On American Pickers

It has become a norm in the American culture to get famous for making it to TV screens. Whether you’re an actor/actress, a musician, a TV reporter or host, or even a participant in a reality TV show, your fame is imminent. So was the case for Robbie Wolfe. His somewhat reserved family life was disrupted by fame due to his participation in American Pickers.

American Pickers is one of the most popular Reality TV shows in America that premiered in January 2010. The most popular faces on the show have been Robbie Wolfe’s brother, Mike Wolfe and his fellow antique and collectible picker, . The duo takes trips across the length and breadth of the United States to purchase rare artifacts. They do this either for keeps or for their clients.

Robbie Wolfe became famous for helping Mike and Frank fix some of the old vehicles they have found. He played this important role in a couple of episodes in 2010 and 2017. Though Robbie is not fully involved, his impact has made him prominent.


What is Robbie Wolfe’s Net Worth?

Some folks will assume that Robbie Wolfe made a killing from his involvement with American Pickers. This might not be far from the facts. Considering that his brother, Mike Wolfe Has a worth of over $13 million, that conclusion can easily be drawn.

However, most of Robbie Wolfe’s fortune came from his company, RJ Wolfe and Sons. Unarguably, he also has some revenue coming in from his participation in American Pickers. As of 2019, his net worth is pegged at $3 million.

Though his company has been bought over, he runs an insurance agency. This is also an added boost to his overall worth.

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