Robert Charles Chien – Bio, Wiki, Height, Family Of Lea Salonga’s Husband

Robert Charles Chien's Net Worth as of January 2023 is $6 Million

Quick Facts of Robert Charles Chien

Net Worth$6 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 4 in
Date of BirthNot Known

Robert Charles Chien was not a known name until his relationship and marriage to the famous singer, Lea Salonga.

One may describe the couple as a perfect match, having similar likes and schedules that complement each other and with this, they have been able to nurture their adorable daughter, Beverly Chien who came into their lives back in 2006.

It is also interesting to know that Chien is a Chinese-Japanese magnate in the media world and he is currently living his dream life with his lovely family. Read on for more details about Lea Salonga’s husband in the following paragraphs.

What happened to Robert Charles Chien’s wife?

Robert Charles Chien’s wife Lea Salong broke her leg while she was preparing for her world concert tour.

Robert Charles Chien’s Bio, Age

Robert Charles Chien is of Chinese-Japanese descent and holds American citizenship but there are no further details on his birth date. There are speculations that he is in his 40s but this has not been confirmed by him.

Source: TheFamousPeople

There is also no information about his early life nor his educational history and the only known facts about his family is that they are Asians.

Chien is a thriving entrepreneur with interests in a variety of areas like health, family, movies, music, and golf sport. He created a niche for himself in the multimedia aspect of entertainment and for several years now, he has been the director of Ambient Media.

The company which was also founded by him carries out a wide scope of activities which basically range from animations to audio, video, and music productions.

Robert Charles Chien’s expertise was seen in the production of the award-winning animation movie, RPG Metanoia which received the Third Best Picture Award during the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival.

Why is Robert Charles Chien famous?

Robert Charles Chien is famous for being Japanese-Chinese entrepreneur. He is more famous being the husband of famous singer as well as an actress Lea Salonga.

The Family Life Of Lea Salonga’s Husband

It is a good thing that Lea Solanga came into Robert Chien’s life because otherwise, the media would not have picked an interest in him.

The two met in the course of the making of one of Solange’s shows Flower Drum Song on which Chien’s cousin was a member of the cast. After they were introduced, they took a liking to each other after noticing that they shared a lot of interests together.

On their first date, they both sang out loud as they drove together in a car and after a couple of years of dating, Chien proposed with a 1.5-carat diamond ring.

Source: ABS-CBN Entertainment

Sources also have it that unlike the two other significant relationships Salonga had been in before meeting Chien, the Asian entrepreneur got her parent’s approval. Comparing Chien with her former boyfriends, Solange revealed that she found him more loving and kind.

He had good looks, was God-fearing, loving family life, and always put a smile on her face.

Robert Charles Chien and Lea Solanga finally got married in 2004 in Los Angeles which was shortly followed by the arrival of their first child, a daughter named Nicole Beverly Chien 2006.

The couple who have been married for about 15 years now is still seen enjoying a peaceful home as they strike a balance between their careers and family life.

Their daughter Beverly Chien might just turn out to be like her mother as she has been seen in a choral performance with her mum in Matilda.

Her father, on the other hand, frowns at the idea of his daughter getting into the entertainment world because of the busy nature of the field, however, time will tell and if she is very passionate about it, she might just make a career out of it.

Source: YouTube

Is Robert Charles and Lea Salonga still together?

Robert Charles and Lea Salonga tied the knot in 2004. The pair met while performing in “Flower Drum Song”.

Other Facts About Robert Charles Chien

Chien is health conscious and also works hard to maintain a good body size however his height and body measurements have not been revealed.

His dream as a child was to become an artist it is, therefore, no surprise that he is skilled in graphic animation.

It is interesting to note that Robert Charles Chien is a good singer even though he doesn’t sing often.

Chien’s daughter Beverly was named after his mother who is no more.

He is very supportive of his wife’s career and whenever she is on the road working, he ensures that their daughter is properly cared for.

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