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Ever before he became a fisherman and starting his LunkersTV YouTube channel, Robert Terkla was a US Army sniper and veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He joined the military in 2008 but was medically discharged six years later.  Since then, Terkla has been having fun doing what he loves.

He is very passionate about fishing, hunting, gaming, and marksmanship. He is the owner and also an executive of the media company, UMG Media. While doing what excites him, he has also kept his audience entertained over the years. He takes them with him on adventures all over the world. His biggest fan base can be found on YouTube through his LunkersTV. And when you have over 1 million people rooting for you, that means you must be doing something right. Read on to learn more about the veteran turned adventurer.

Robert Terkla’s Bio

The veteran was born under the zodiac Libra on the 26th day of September 1989 in Fort Worth, Texas. He was named Robert Andrew Terkla. The details about his early life and educational background are not available to the media for now.

In 2008, Terkla enlisted in the US Army as an 11 Bravo infantryman and was medically discharged in 2014. Afterward, he embarked on a journey into his lifelong dream, the outdoors. Since then, he has engaged in outdoor activities from fishing to hunting.

He linked up on social media to share his passion with his teeming fans as well as let them into his adventurous activities in the natural world. Terkla launched his LunkersTV YouTube channel in August 2015. On the video sharing platform, he creates and posts videos about hunting and bass fishing, as well as tips, instruction, and footage of his fishing and hunting excursions.

The channel has garnered more than 1.3 million subscribers and not less than 194 million views. Terkla also launched an Instagram account to reach out to more fans. Therein, he also shares his fishing excursion and has earned over 520,000 followers. Furthermore, he is also on Twitter where he has over 13k fans rooting for him and his adventures.

Following his discharge from the Army and prior to launching his social media empire, Robert Terkla branched into eSports. He invested in the gaming company, UMG Media in 2014. Within one year, the company’s profit increased around 30 times and it also became a major rival to Major League Gaming. Terkla is currently the CEO and President of UMG. In 2018, his book, Never Fear Anything was released.

The book offers a raw perspective of a US Army sniper fighting in the nation’s longest war. It also takes us on a journey through Terkla’s struggles to find a life purpose, to operating covertly behind enemy lines attached to Navy SEALs in Afghanistan.

Military Career

Terkla joined the United States Army in 2008 as an 11 Bravo infantryman and was later deployed to Kirkuk, Iraq. After returning stateside, he decided to become a sniper in the Army. In turn, he was assigned to various units including Seal Team Three as well as did multiple deployments to Afghanistan.

Despite the toll being an infantryman took on the body, he went to and completed jump school against doctor’s orders. However, shortly thereafter, the Army told him no more. Against his wish, he reluctantly agreed to a medical discharge in 2014.

While he was in the Army, Terkla made sure to indulge his lifelong passion for gaming and the outdoors. When he is not fishing or hunting, he played tactical shooting video games, such as SOCOM II which was his past time growing up. He worked as a Ticket Support Specialist for the biggest eSports host in town, MLG. When he discovered that the gaming company was dominating the industry and had no major competitor, he decided to invest in UMG which was at that time, 2012, in its infancy.

A year after he came on board, UMG’s profit rose more than 30 fold. As of 2016, it has 750,000 users. It also hosts several in-person events along with several hundred events worldwide per year.

Post-military, he took from his military experience, discipline, drive, and motivation into other spheres. He continued with the gaming industry but also branched into other things he has always loved — fishing and hunting, consequently birthing his social media empire in 2015. These days, Robert Terkla integrates his military experience into his adventures. Whether he is fishing or hunting, he manages to pass his passion for sniper rifles, some of which he often showcases on his channel. Moreover, he runs a series on his channel titled Military Monday’s where he discusses some serious stuff from his days in the military.


Robert Terkla’s Net Worth

He is alleged to have a net worth of between $600,000 and $4 million although it has not been confirmed by any reliable source. Robert Terkla earns from his gaming company and from his activities on social media.

Riding on the wings of his success, Terkla started an online store on Shopify where he sells his own merch including fishing and hunting clothes. This also contributes to his earnings.

Who Are the Members of Robert Terkla’s Family?

Robert Terkla is very much a family man as much as he is an adventurer. He married his wife, Sarah while he was still in the Army. The duo exchanged marital vows and tied the knots before family and friends in January 2011. They have a daughter together who they named Avery.

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