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Being famous and making tabloid news is usually associated with film stars but Robie Uniacke who is far from that category got into the spotlight all the same. Robie is renowned for being a Maths guru and makes a decent living as a Mathematical Researcher as well as a businessman who runs an IT firm.

Moving to his love life, the brilliant mathematician is currently in a relationship with actress Rosamund Pike who, like him, has had her own share of failed relationships. However, the pair has been together for a long time now and all seems well in paradise. Let’s know more about this maths researcher’s bio, past marriages, children and net worth below.

Robie Uniacke Bio (Age)

The popular mathematics researcher is said to have been born in 1961 however, the exact date has not been revealed. Also, with respect to his early educational background, not much is known but sources have it that he had always had a penchant for maths from an early age.

His college education was completed at Eton College located in Windsor, England. Robie’s ethnicity is White and his nationality is British.


His Family: Wives and Children

Robie Uniacke might not strike you as the ideal playboy but the maths guru has definitely had numerous dealings with the womenfolk as he had been in two failed marriages and presently, he is in a longtime relationship with a top Hollywood actress.

Robie’s first marriage was back in 1983 when he tied the knot with Emma Howard whose father was the Earl of Carlisle. Unfortunately, the couple got themselves entangled in drugs which eventually broke the union as both of them were in dire need to come out of the addiction. However, they have a lovely child together, a son named Robie Jonjo Uniacke. His next marriage was to an interior designer named Rose Batstone who happens to be the mother of his 3 children Hector Uniacke, Olive Uniacke, and Florence Uniacke. Like the first one, Robie’s second marriage also ended in a divorce but the reasons for their separation was not made public like his first marriage.

Relationship With Rosamund Pike

In 2009, Robie Uniacke transformed from being known as a popular maths researcher into being the partner of the famed actress Rosamund Pike. Pike has also had her share of good romance going sour in the past as she was set to wed Joe Wright, a film Director, but parted ways over an argument concerning their wedding card. Also, to her dismay, her former boyfriend actor Simon Woods revealed he was gay after two years of dating.

In an interview, Pike revealed that she was attracted to Robie Uniacke because he was articulate and ruthless in helping her perfect her roles. She also described the mathematician as a very interesting person and in spite of the wide age gap between them, they still share a strong bond. The pair has been in a steady relationship since 2009 and they have two sons named Solo Uniacke, whom they welcomed on May 6, 2012, and about two years later, they welcomed Atom Uniacke on December 2, 2014.

Robie and Pike from all indications are living peacefully together but the pair has not made any revelations about marriage plans. From what is gathered, they both consider marriage a mere formality and find what they share together as very interesting.

Net Worth

Sources have it that Robie Uniacke is definitely getting well-paid as a researcher and he is also described as a businessman. However, actual figures have not been revealed to ascertain his net worth.

On the other hand, his longtime love interest and mother of his two youngest sons Rosamund Pike has a comfortable net worth of $9 million which Robie obviously shares with her.

 Other Facts About The Researcher

  •  Robie Uniacke is said to have a strong love for the Chinese people and their culture. Pike even revealed that he usually speaks Chinese to their kids and her son at 4 was able to interpret the Chinese language to her when they made a trip to Beijing.
  • Recently, Robie’s IT company named Pale Fire was charged with failure to remit the right amount to tax authorities and this is threatening the existence of his firm.
  • The researcher has, in the past, battled drug addiction and had to go through rehabilitation to get help.

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