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Robyn Krauthammer is a world-renowned Australian sculptor and painter who is revered and celebrated for her art. In the last two-three decades, she has built a successful career for herself as an artist, earning recognition for her impeccable talent. Her works have been exhibited at some of the most prestigious galleries in the world, as well as in private collections. She has given her life, devotion, and passion to her craft and the results have been nothing short of breathtaking. Before she decided to venture into the art world, Robyn enjoyed a thriving career as a lawyer.

Asides from the fame she has garnered from her work as an artist, she is also well known for being the wife of the Pulitzer winning journalist and legendary political columnist, . Right up until his death, he was considered one of the sharpest voices and brightest minds not just in the field of journalism, but in the American political landscape as a whole. Charles was famous and respected for his writings, and Robyn was happily married to him for several decades. They were considered a power couple, and their union was the envied and admired by many.

Robyn Krauthammer Biography

The accomplished painter and sculptor was born on September 5, 1952, in Sydney, Australia. Her parents’ identity and that of her siblings – if any – are unknown. Robyn was raised in Australia and America.

As a little girl, she was fascinated by the idea of rules and how they regulate society, so she gravitated towards the legal profession as she grew older. She graduated from St Anne’s College at Oxford University, where she received her law degree in 1968. After completing her education, Robyn joined an international law firm based in Paris and promptly began putting her degree to good use.

Beyond her pursuit in law, she nursed a passion for the arts as well. After practicing as an attorney for some years, she decided to quit the profession in favor of pursuing a career as an artist. She moved back to the United States to study and focus on arts. First, she attended the Corcoran School of Art, followed by the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she learned from notable teachers. She honed her talent and skill and before long, her paintings and sculptures were being displayed at prestigious locations such as the Foxhall Gallery in Washington, and prized corporate and private collections all over the world.

Personal Life

Robyn married the love of her life, Charles Krauthammer in a small private ceremony, two years after they first met. The couple adored and respected each other, and they pushed themselves to chase their dreams with hunger and determination no matter how scary it might be. Charles was fond of saying that he owed his entire career to his wife, and Robyn Krauthammer regularly talks about how her husband helped her ascend to heights she only dreamed was possible as an artist.

Their union was blessed with a son whom they named Daniel Krauthammer. He has grown into a fine young man with degrees in economics from Oxford and Harvard University. Their family was a tight-knit bunch and remained so until Charles passed away from abdominal cancer on June 21, 2018.

Her Net Worth

Robyn Krauthammer has enjoyed successful careers in various fields, all of which have helped to buoy her financial status. She is currently estimated to be worth around $2.5 million, most of which she derived from art sales and commissions. Her late husband, on the other hand, was estimated to have a net worth of $12 million at the time of his passing.

Facts About Charles Krauthammer’s Wife

1. She Co-founded an Organisation for the Preservation of Jewish Classical Music

The Pro Music Hebraica is the wonderful brainchild of Robyn and Charles. It is a charity foundation they set up to preserve Jewish classical music, some of which were believed to have been lost or long forgotten. Their vision is to revive these compositions and showcase the wealth of Jewish musical talent that remains untapped and underappreciated. The organization frequently collaborates with Julliard and the Kennedy Centre.

2. The Couple’s Love Story Began in an Unlikely Setting

Robyn Krauthammer and Charles met in the laundry room at Oxford University while they were both studying there. He had no idea how the washing machines worked, so he enlisted her help and two years later, they were walking down the aisle.

3. Robyn’s Main Philosophy in Life Is to Always Do What She Loves

The lawyer turned artist has always believed in going after the things that would make her happy and fulfilled in life even though the path might seem uncertain, unlikely, and fruitless. According to her, it’s just more enjoyable doing the things you love because work never really feels like a burden.

4. She Is the Reason Charles Got Into Journalism in the First Place

In the beginning, Charles Krauthammer was working as a psychiatrist, but along the way he grew bored with the profession, so Robyn encouraged him to apply for a position as the editor of a magazine; from there, his career as a columnist and commentator was born.

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