Rocco Ritchie – Bio, Siblings, Gay, Mother, Father, Family, Other Facts

Rocco Ritchie's Net Worth as of September 2023 is $1 Million

Quick Facts of Rocco Ritchie

Net Worth$1 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height6 ft
Date of Birth11 August, 2000

We can conveniently surmise that Rocco Ritchie, the son of the legendary singer and renowned movie director rode to fame, riding on the wings of his celebrity parents who are considered part of the cream de la cream of the entertainment world.

Apart from the influence of his parents, he has appeared in a few productions in the past. His debut appearance was on the set of the documentary titled I’ll LET YOU KNOW a Secret in 2005.

He appeared severally with his mum in the Show and Madonna: The MDNA Tour. Furthermore, in 2017, Rocco Ritchie signed a modeling contract with Adidas.

What happened in Saturday Night?

Rocco Ritchie and his mother Madonna were photographed in one frame on Saturday Night. They both were seen leaving Harry’s Bar in London’s trendy Mayfair neighborhood. Madonna was wearing an oversize glasssed and black turtleneck and high-waisted shorts.

Source: Pagesix

Rocco Ritchie’s Family: Father, Mother & Siblings

Rocco comes from a family of celebrities, his mum is a music icon, a superstar singer, actress as well as songwriter. His dad is Guy Ritchie – a celebrated filmmaker of English origin.

Source: Metro

When Rocco Ritchie was eight, his celebrity parents decided to call it quits with their marriage. His mum settled in New York while his dad preferred London. So, he had to shuttle between Britain and America in other to spend time with either parent.

During his mum’s concert tours, he traveled extensively with her but was always complaining about not being able to spend quality time with her because of her busy schedule.

On her own part, Madonna did not give a positive response to her son’s yearning for stability, rather, she retorted about not being able to be a cool mother to a grownup boy.

The situation soon became ugly and he had to relocate to London to stay with his dad and step mum Jacqui Ainsley. Rocco Ritchie also resumed his education there and in the long run, Guy won the custody battle he has been engaged in with his ex-wife.

Even after he left his mum’s custody, Rocco was still engaged in a verbal war with her, he was seen making negative comments on his mother’s ice bucket challenge pictures on Instagram.

Although the comment was quickly deleted, it had already reached a wider audience. Rocco Ritchie was constantly hounded by the press and was stalked at every turn. His name became a favorite of the tabloids and he lost all the little privacy he had.

Some may even excuse it as an outlet for pent-up emotions, but Rocco found solace in the bottle before he attained the legal age of drinking.

Source: Tatler

Some negative reports surfaced that he was seen experimenting with cannabis and any female acquaintance was instantly tagged his lover. In fact, his entire life was under the watch of the press and this caused major distress for Rocco Ritchie.

With regards to his siblings, a couple of them named David Banda and Mercy James were adopted. On his mum’s side, he acquired a half-sibling named Lourdes Leon, and his dad gave him additional three half-siblings called Rivka Ritchie, Rafael Ritchie, and Levi Ritchie.

Is Rocco Ritchie an artist?

Ritchie has hosted various types of exhibitions like Chelsea art gallery, Tanya Baxter, etc. He has established himself in the art scene in Britian. He is known for expressionistic style as he has studied from Central Saint Martins and Royal Drawing School.

Is Rocco Ritchie Gay? Girlfriend

Talking about his sexual orientation, Rocco Ritchie is definitely straight and he has had a few on and off affairs with the opposite sex.

In 2017, he was involved with the singer Chanelle Lee whom he took to meet his dad. However, their dalliance was short-lived because Lee soon dumped Rocco to go with Roman Kemp.

Previously, Rocco Ritchie was involved with model Kim Turnbull and while their relationship lasted, they were sighted together at a few functions.

Source: Daily Mail

What does Rocco Ritchie do for a living?

Rocco Ritchie currently lives with Guy Ritchie who is the ex-husband of Madonna (Rocco’s mother) and he has been working as an expressionist painter and does a variety show from which he makes his earnings.

Other Facts About Rocco Ritchie

  • Birth Details

He came into the world as Rocco John Ritchie on the 11th of August 2000 in LA California under the zodiac sign of Leo. His christening was on the 21st of December 2000 at Dornoch Cathedral Scotland.

Rocco Ritchie is of American nationality but holds mixed ancestry of English, French Canadian, and Italian but his ethnicity is white.

  • Net Worth

Even at a young age, Rocco Ritchie earns a good income from his career in the entertainment industry. Although his net worth is believed to be under review, some sources that are not so reliable have pegged it at $1 million.

The major part of his wealth is believed to have come from his modeling contract with Adidas.

  • Future Plans

Although Rocco’s family life has been a traumatic one, he eventually found a kindred spirit in Brooklyn Beckham, the son of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham.

With the support of his friend, Rocco Ritchie has great plans to relocate to New York where he hopes to study art and film. His mum who is very happy with his decision is looking forward to spending quality time with him and perhaps repairing their relationship.

  • Body Stats

Although his body weight has never been listed, Rocco stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches or 1.8 m. His hair is naturally blond and he comes with brown eyes.

Source: The Mirror
  • Online Presence

Rocco Ritchie has a lot of presence on social media, he is on both Twitter and Instagram. His authorized Instagram account has amassed around 3600 followers which are believed to be inspired by his celebrity parents.

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