Ron Brownstein – Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Career Achievements At CNN And Other Facts

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He is a journalist and a historian, an astute observer of American political trend, his name is Ron Brownstein, American-born journalist who has had a lot of success in explaining the complexities of American politics with logical exactitude. His vast experience as a Contributing Editor for National Journal, a senior editor for The Atlantic and election analyst for CNN, has better positioned him to accurately analyze issues bordering on policy, politics, and healthcare. Ron has also exhibited a lot of competence in media matters and the electorate. The reason for his resounding success is not an enigma, his wealth of knowledge is simply informed by his strong sense of American history and politics.

A two-time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, Ron Brownstein has been severally cited for his consistency, clarity, as well as the quality of his reporting on political matters. He is a columnist for, the Atlantic and he makes regular appearances in National Journal. Furthermore, Ron Brownstein has been named as one of the best political journalists in America by the Economist and according to the Washington Post, Ron is one of the gold plated names in political journalism who can shape big pictures with conventional wisdom. His speech is a reflection of his in-depth knowledge on the politics of America, giving him pride of place as
a reliable predictor of the future of America.

Ron Brownstein has appeared severally on This Week, Meet the Press and News Hour with Jim Lehrer. He is also a regular on Washington Week in Review and Face the Nation. The
political analyst is also an accomplished author with a total of six books to his credit.


His real name is Ronald Brownstein, he is Jewish by descent, born in New York City on the 6th of April 1958. He is an American national but his ethnicity is white. His dad has been identified as David Brownstein and his mother’s name is Shirley but there is no information on his siblings.

Close scrutiny of his educational background and qualifications revealed that he is an alumnus of the State University of New York, Binghamton, from where Ron Brownstein graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. The details of his early education are not currently available.

Career Achievements At CNN

Ron’s career at CNN took off in 1998 when he was employed as a political analyst, a position he held for almost five years, reporting on political issues all over America. 2004 saw him ascending the ladder to the position of a senior political analyst, making
regular appearances across CNN’s programs and Ron Brownstein has featured frequently in several of their special political coverages, as well as being a regular face on the networks Sunday shows.

Net Worth

The net worth of the famous journalist is said to be under review but a few sources have it pegged at $9 million. This fortune is believed to have come majorly from his career in journalism.


Ron Brownstein has a record of two marriages and one divorce with his first attempt at matrimony being with Nina Easton but the details of their marital life are not known. According to the records, they had a couple of children before their marriage ended in a divorce.

Eileen Nicole McMenamin became his second wife in a nondenominational marriage ceremony that took place in 2005 in Henderson, Nevada. Eileen was formerly employed by
Senator John McCain as his communications director, no news of any offspring has been heard from their union.

Other Facts About Ron Brownstein

  • 1. Employment Record

He was a white house correspondence for the National Journal in 1983. The Los Angeles Times engaged him as a contributing editor in 1987 and by 1989, he moved from the National Journal to the Los Angeles Times as full-time staff, working in his
capacity as a national correspondent and Ron Brownstein became their national political correspondent by 1993. U.S. News and World Report gave him a plum job as chief a political correspondent in 1997.

CNN came calling in 1998 and they gave him the position of a political analyst which he held till 2004. He still works with CNN but as a Senior Political Analyst and he is also on the payroll of Atlantic Media as Editorial Director for Strategic Partnerships.

  • 2. Awards and Accolades

The veteran journalist has bagged a total of seven prestigious awards from his career as a journalist. Ron Brownstein is also a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist for his coverage of the presidential
campaigns of 1996, as well as 2004. Moreso, publications like The Economist and Washington Post have extolled his journalistic prowess in the past.

  • 3. Away from his Major Career

Ron Brownstein has functioned as a content contributor for several publications which include some magazines like; Nation Progressive, Newsday and Washington Monthly. He has also contributed quality content to Parade, Reader’s Digest, Nation, and several other newspapers.

  • 4. Books

He has authored or edited six books which include; “The Power and The Glitter: The Hollywood-Washington” which x-rays actor-politician relationship. His second book titled “Storming the Gates: Protest Politics and the Republican Revival” – co-authored
by Dan Balz, centers on the rebirth of the Republican Party that took off during Clinton’s administration. His publication “Reagan’s Ruling Class: Portraits of the President’s Top 100 Officials” stayed on the Washington Post best selling list for five weeks. Ron Brownstein co-authored “Selecting a President” and “Who’s Poisoning America”. The New York Times dubbed his last book “The Second Civil War: How Extreme Partisanship Has Paralyzed
Washington and Polarized America” one out of 10 books to curl up with.

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