Ross Malinger – Bio, Parents, Siblings, Family, Where Is He Now?

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The acting profession is a very exciting one filled with a plethora of amazing and talented actors and actresses, especially in Hollywood. The American movie industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that prides itself as a major employer of labor and also plays a major role in the economy of the country. One of the thrilling personalities who has passed through the industry is Ross Malinger. Ross is most popular for his roles in Sleepless in Seattle and Toothless. He began his career in 1990 and has featured in various movies from fiction, fantasy to action thrillers, among others.

He is known for roles in movies such as Eve of Destruction, Who’s the Boss, Late For Dinner, Good Advice, Bye Bye Love and so on and he has worked with top Hollywood stars including . Malinger has also starred in a couple of television and teen drama series. As a versatile actor, he was also into voice acting and had his most popular voice acting gig in the animation, Recess. His acting career ended in 2006 with the movie Without A Trace. Currently, he works as a general business manager at an automobile company.

Ross Malinger’s Bio

Born Ross Aaron Malinger to Laura and Brian Malinger, Ross is one of the three children of the family. He was born in the year 1984, on the 7th day of July. His birth occurred in Redwood, California and he probably grew up there as well, although, this is not known as a fact. It is not known what schools he attended and if he is a college graduate or a dropout.

His career in acting began in 1990 when he starred in the movie Kindergarten Cop. He was a child then, hence he began his career as a child actor. He continued acting in the subsequent years with movies such as Beverly Hills, 90210 and Who’s the Boss?. After these movies, he was seen in the action-packed sci-fi movie Eve of Destruction. He continued making appearances in many other movies and television series such as Sudden Death, Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher, Little Bigfoot, Good Advice, Touched by an Angel, Down the Shore and so on. He made his last movie appearance in 2006 before he moved over to administrative management. Malinger’s last known occupation was the position of a manager at Automotive Legends.

Family: Parents and Siblings

As mentioned earlier, Ross Malinger was born to Brian and Laura Malinger. Both his parents are listed as producers although it is not certain what they are producers of. In addition to being a producer, Ross’s father, Brian was also a sales representative. However, the company he worked for is not known.

If his parents were movie producers, then it is safe to say that he was born into a film family, which influenced his career choices and that of his siblings. He has a sister and a brother, both of whom are actors. His sister bears the name Ashley while his brother is known as Cole. It is not known when they began acting or what kind of movies they have featured in. They are also not as popular as their brother, Ross, and nothing is also known about their relationships or marital status.

Who is His Girlfriend or Wife?

Ross is a very handsome man who would be the desire of many women. Despite this fact, there has been no record of him having an affair or romantic relationship. However, despite this fact, there is the possibility that he tries to avoid the media and public eyes with respect to his relationship, hence the lack of records or information. There are also no indications that he has ever being married.

Net Worth

Ross Malinger has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. For that period of time, he has been able to amass a good fortune. His salary began to increase as his years of acting progressed and like most of his colleagues, he was paid in thousands of dollars. Having a terrific acting career, he garnered a whopping $300,000 as his net worth – although, it is not known if part of this wealth came from his earnings from his job with Automotive Legends.


Where is Ross Malinger Now?

Sometimes we wonder what became of celebrities who have left the spotlight for a while. For Ross Malinger, he moved on to become a manager at an automobile shop in Malibu, California. It is not certain if he still resides in Malibu or whether he has left California. Much is not known about what happened to Ross and whether he still works at the automobile company. As of 2018, no additional information has popped up on the one-time child actor. It is also not known if Ross is still alive as no information of his whereabouts is known as of this time. Whatever the case be, we hope he is in a good place.

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