Rui Patricio Bio, Career, Net Worth, Ex-Wife

Rui Patricio's Net Worth as of May 2024 is $33 Million

Quick Facts of Rui Patricio

Net Worth$33 Million
Salary$2.89 Million per year
Height6 ft 3 in
Date of Birth15 February, 1988

Rui Patricio is a goalkeeper for Roma in Serie A and the Portuguese national team. Please read on to learn more about the athlete, including his bio, career, ex-wife, net worth, and more.

He was also the Portuguese team’s first goalie for many years, and he assisted Cristiano Ronaldo in winning the 2016 Euro Cup.

Rui Patricio’s Biography: Get to Know Him

To begin, Rui Pedro dos Santos Patricio ComM is his complete name. Rui Patricio was born on February 15, 1988, the day after St. Valentine’s Day.

Patricio was born in the little community of Marrazes, Leiria, Portugal, to his mother Beliza Patricio and father Patricio Rui.

Rui Patricio grew up alongside his married sister, Ndia Patricio, who now goes by the name Ndia Santos.

For little boys in his village of Marrazes, emptiness stopped when they had football on their feet. Unlike any other sport, football was an obvious choice for young Patricio.

Patricio made it clear from the start that his dream of being a professional football player was not a pipe dream.

Patricio met his coach Ti Joo when he was younger, and Ti Joo had long sworn that he would only remove his beard if Patricio’s club Marrazes reached the Portuguese first division.

Unfortunately, the squad has yet to enter the Portuguese first division, despite the fact that it has been more than 40 years since he made the pledge. Unfortunately, Joo dos Santos died at the age of 68. His wish has thus far remained unfulfilled.

Early Career of Rui Patricio Examined

It was 1997 when Portugal’s qualifying for the 1998 FIFA World Cup was lost to Ukraine and Germany.

Rui Patricio’s parents decided that their 9-year-old son would begin his professional career with Leiria e Marrazes, a youth club in his hometown.

Rui Patricio began his career with the young team as a striker.

Leiria e Marrazes academy goalkeeper voluntarily stormed out of a training session one day, surprising everyone. As a result, their disgruntled coach, Bento, turned to the players for help.

Bento could only see a young Patricio being consistent with his dive after testing every player. He quickly appointed him as the new goalie.

Despite some early mistakes, Rui Patricio eventually became vital to his squad, relegating the previous goalkeeper to the bench.

Legendary Sporting goalkeeper Joaquim Carvalho, who won three Primeira Liga titles and the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in the 1960s, was impressed with Patricio’s performance.

Carvalho agreed to help the little youngster to a higher academy because of his Portuguese football contacts.

Patricio’s transfer from Leiria e Marrazes to Sporting was initiated by Carvalho in the year 2000 when he was 12 years old.

Patricio finally transferred to Sporting’s academy in 2003, after it had been established for football activities.

The Ascension of Rui Patricio

Patricio grew up at Sporting to be a humble young man who just grew taller with the season. The way he handled the ball was exactly proportionate to his humility and ability to pay attentively.

Patricio was promoted to Sporting’s senior team three years after joining the club, fulfilling a childhood desire.

Patricio met his mates at the academy, including Joao Moutinho, a former Sporting captain and current teammate, who called him ‘Marrazes’ after his hometown.

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Patricio’s career took off in 2006, when he immediately established himself as Portugal’s top young goalkeeper.

Below is a photo of him and his colleagues celebrating their triumph at the Taça de Portugal.

Rui Patricio, who had been at Sporting for 12 years, had decided to end his contract after a training ground brawl.

He charged the club’s president with inciting violence and accusing fans of assaulting players. His mind was made up for England at that point.

Rui Patricio relocated to England in June 2018 after playing 467 official games for Sporting CP and becoming the club’s captain and legend.

During his 12-year stay, he won five titles, including two Portuguese Cups. As they say, the rest is history.

Joana Pereira, Rui Patricio’s first wife

There is a lovely girlfriend or wife behind every famous Portuguese footballer. Rui Patricio began his romance with Joana Pereira, his childhood sweetheart, while he was very young.

Their relationship progressed from that of best friends to that of deep love.

Patricio and Joana’s families were good friends, thus deciding their future was simple for both.

Patricio married his long-term lovely lover in June 2011. Ndia Santos, Rui Patricio’s sister, claimed that the wedding was a standard affair.

After they both replied YES, they exchanged their barbed and pink gold wedding rings. Gil de Sousa, a couple’s acquaintance, fashioned the wedding band a year before the wedding date.

Rui Patricio found himself in the center of Portuguese national news just a year after their wedding, not only for his good performances on the pitch but also for his wife’s divorce.

Their divorce was tumultuous, with both parties accusing the other of cheating. Joana Pereira is accused of having committed adultery with her personal trainer, according to Rui Patricio.

Joanna, on the other side, accused Rui Patricio of having an adulterous affair with Liliana Aguiar, a Portuguese model who is seven years his senior.

Their marriage lasted only a year before they divorced. During the divorce proceedings, the ex-couple came to an agreement on property and wealth allocation.

Patricio began seeing Portuguese model Lilliana Aguiar after their divorce, and she was the one who ended their marriage.

Liliana Aguiar is well-known for her appearance on Big Brother in 2001. Their romance, which blossomed in the midst of his divorce, didn’t endure long.

Rui Patricio’s Private Life is Examined

Rui Patricio is reserved, but he can also be flamboyant and vivacious. He is a profound thinker and a highly intelligent individual, which makes issue solving simple for him.

Rui Patricio has demonstrated that he can adjust to any atmosphere that surrounds him by spending his entire career in Portugal and agreeing to come to England in the 2018 summer transfer window.

Rui may acquire a strong need to spend time alone and away from everything at some point in his life in order to regain his vigor.

He sees the globe as a place full of possibilities, whether in England or Portugal.

Rui Patricio’s Net Worth and Earnings

Rui Patricio’s net worth is unknown, although according to several reports, the athlete’s net worth as of 2022 is predicted to be above 33 million dollars.

Patricio’s annual wage, according to, is more than 2 million dollars as of 2022.

His modest wealth stems from his football achievements, and his spending patterns suggest a prosperous lifestyle.

His things, such as his house and automobiles, are worthless. He, on the other hand, lives like a king and publishes pictures of himself having a good time at high-end resorts all over the world.

Meet Rui Patricio On Instagram

Rui Patricio appears to be very active on social media since he posts images on a regular basis.

His Instagram handle is @rpatricio1, and he has over 813k followers. Rui Patricio also has 289 Instagram posts, the majority of which are photos of him playing soccer.

Rui Patricio with his family
Source: Instagram

He does, however, share photos of himself, as well as vacation and family photos, with his friends and family.

He also has over 30.8k followers on Twitter, where he goes by the handle @rpatricio1_.

Rui Patricio tweets about his opinions, thoughts, and other topics as a way of engaging with his supporters. He also tweets pictures of himself and his friends and family, as well as other images.

As a manner of communicating with his supporters, he generally tweets about his opinions, thoughts, and so on. He also tweets images of himself with his friends and family, as well as other pictures.

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